The Decibel Geek podcast launched in April of 2011. Chris Czynszak, a former rock journalist, started the show solo and, within a few episodes, decided to bring in a co-host to add more variety to the show. Enter Aaron Camaro.

Aaron, a veteran of rock radio from the state of Wisconsin, joined the show in August of 2011 and the show has been a weekly audio product focusing on rock and metal music ever since.

Early in the show’s history it was decided that the website should serve a greater purpose than purely hosting the weekly episodes. Volunteer writers were brought on board and our talented staff has grown in the ensuing years. The writing staff includes contributors from all over the world including Canada, Ireland, Sweden, Australia, and more.

As of 2015, the Decibel Geek podcast and website is consumed by thousands of people on a weekly basis who love rock and metal music.

We thank you for checking us out. While you’re here, listen to an episode (or two, or three, or more), read a bunch of the great articles, reviews, interviews, etc. and have a great time!

Let us know what you like/don’t like about the show/site and/or suggestions for improvement at feedback@decibelgeek.com


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