DIRKSCHNEIDER Back To The Roots Tour Toronto (Photo Gallery by Brian Ronald)

Dirkschneider Mod Club Toronto Brian RonaldDIRKSCHNEIDER rolled into Toronto’s Mod Club on Wednesday, February 28, 2018, with the Back To The Roots – Part II Tour. Already a contender for best show of the year, Dirkschneider and company delivered another excellent night of headbanging. Armed with his trusty camera, Decibel Geek‘s Brian Ronald was on hand for these captures of all the action on stage. So, enjoy the photos and be sure to catch this show as it rolls through your town.


BACK TO THE ROOTS 2017: Sweden Rock Review / Toronto Review


Udo Dirkschneider was the original powerhouse vocalist for the German band Accept, he departed to form U.D.O. and has been belting out metal for over four decades now. His instantly recognizable signature vocal style and ear piercing metal screams helped define Accept and their catalog is littered with heavy metal classics.

Sometime back in 2016, prompted by the demand of his fan base, Udo decided the time was right to dust off the Accept catalog and perform these beloved songs live one more time. He was interviewed and stated the tour would most likely be a short European run. To differentiate between this and the U.D.O. band, he called the tour Back To The Roots and called the project Dirkschneider. Well, the short European run began December 5th, 2016 and was soon extended to include Japan, the US, and Canada.

A live album was recorded and released and the shows kept coming. The demand was obviously still strong and the band was having a blast. So the Back To The Roots Tour РPart II was created. New set-list to keep it fresh and another heavy metal romp across the globe.

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