JASTA – The Lost Chapters (Album Review)

Lost Chapters - Jasta
The Lost Chapters

Jamey Jasta, heavy music’s chronic workaholic, releases another Jasta album, but is it as good as Hatebreed?

This Is Your Life“, the first track on the album, kicks off with a pounding drumbeat and revolving riff, before vocalist Jamey Jasta blasts in over the top. You can just imagine the live crowd, fists pumping and bodies hurling over the place when they play live. The chorus reminds me a bit of old Biohazard. That’s one thing I’ve always liked about Hatebreed and Jasta, even with all the heaviness, the chorus is always quite melodic as it busts in. The production is pounding on this, with my sub woofer literally moving across the floor as the drums draw the song to a close.

Parasitic” – what a great song title or even a fitting moniker for a death metal band. Some classic hardcore riffing starts this song. However, when the track comes in proper and the vocals start, I’m quite surprised by the melodic singing, especially when the chorus breaks out. This song has a nice groove to it and if your toes aren’t tapping and your head isn’t nodding midway through this song, then you may be dead. At around 2 and a half minutes into the track, the breakdown comes in with Jasta screaming out the vocals “you’re parasitic” with real venom.

I love the opening riff on “The Same Flame“.  This song and the drums just sound so powerful as they thunder away in the background. There’s some almost death metal sounding off chord riffs going on in the background, which give the track a different sound to what I’ve heard up to now.

Back To What Matters” opens up with a very 80’s sounding melodic riff, which destroys when the vocals come in. Jamey Jasta is out for blood on this one and he’s literally scaring the shit out of me with that voice. The chorus again is very melodic and I’m really liking this new style of Jasta. The riff is crushing under the venomous vocals. I am literally singing along to this track, as it’s so catchy and old school.

Until We Bleed Again” is again another great title; Jasta has always had a head for good titles. The riff on this is galloping away like a racehorse, the drums are as heavy as shit, as an 80’s style thrash riff crawls over the top before a crowd chanting singalong rides in from nowhere. There’s some nice harmonies Jasta – you’re freaking me out. One more step and you’ll be the hardcore Bon Jovi. The first real little guitar solo we’ve had so far comes in at the 2:45 mark and then the singalong starts again.

Chasing Demons” continues the record with a cool guest slot filled by ex-Killswitch Engage front man Howard Jones. This song was always going to be a destroyer. This is the best track on the album so far and these guys should become duo vocalists in this band. These guys sound really good together, Howard Jones with the powerful clean tones and Jasta screaming his balls off like no one can. I like the harmonic tones that are ringing out over parts of the chorus on this.

The Immortal‘ has Jasta screaming out “I am the immortal” and he literally sounds like he’s been stabbed in the stomach and gasping for breath. I don’t know how he does it, I know from his podcast that his technique works and he’s had it checked for damage, but all is good. He is the world’s best screamer when it comes to pummelling heavy music. This is like classic hardcore, just a powerful drawn out crunching riff with a nice lead thrown in over the top. You can just imagine the writhing bodies wriggling like maggots in a bin at the first show of this tour when this one is played.

Deadly Business” is heavy from the off, that double picked thrash riff and over the top slow drum beat just punish from the off. That riff that comes in over the chorus is metal head candy. The song keeps a nice pace throughout and again is very catchy. At 1:48, the track goes into overdrive and destroys everything in its path (or at least that’s what will happen in the arena that they play this one in).

Buried Alive” and oh that riff is like honey in my hands it’s so sweet, Jasta reminds me of Joey Belladonna on this track, albeit a rather rough sounding Belladonna. Fuck, Jamey, I’m going to have this going round in my head for days.  This is the track I’ve been waiting for, for so long from these guys. A nice traditional guitar solo plays over a powerful underlying riff and this song is priceless.

Final thoughts – this album is “HAAAAAAARD”, as Jasta would say. Not only does it crush, but Jasta takes a whole new direction with some actual melodic vocals the like I never thought would escape from the hellacious one’s lips. Great job guys, this destroys!

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