LÖVE RAZËR Concert Review Oshawa

love razer 11_of_23A new band that is creating some buzz around the Decibel Geek office is Löve RazërThe Meister had already seen the band twice (At Linsmore Tavern and At The Rockpile) and was telling me I would love them. Löve Razër hails from Windsor and has come a long way in just a year: they’ve recorded a 3 song EP, Rock n Roll Addiction, done a music video for “First Class Bitch”, secured an opening slot for the KISS tribute band Destroyer and won the Jack Daniels Supporting Act Contest. So I joined fellow Decibel Geeks Rich “The Meister” Dillon and Shawn “Animalize” Irwin at The Atria for my very first Löve Razër show. After seeing these guys, I can tell you that anyone who loves the sounds of the 80’s hair metal bands should check Löve Razër out.

Band members, Sydney Snow, Micky Bonez, Metal Mike and Chrissy Stixx are bringing back the sound of the Sunset Strip in a big way. They have the high energy one expects from the Strip bands but they were hampered by the small stage offered by The Atria. Still, the boys made the most of the tight quarters and I look forward to seeing their full personalities shine on the larger stage of the Rockpile as the openers for the BulletBoys on October 5.

love razer 22_of_23Löve Razër opened with their original tune “Turn It Up” which was fast and in my mind very reminiscent of the sound of early Mötley Crue. I thought their set list was a well thought out mix of originals and cover tunes from fan favourites Quiet Riot, Skid Row and GNR. However, I especially liked their version of “Her Strut” originally by Bob Seger. They really cranked up the intensity on the song and Löve Razër made it their own hard and heavy version with just the right amount of sleaze thrown in. I loved it!

I couldn’t wait to hear the Motley Crue songs Metal Mike told me to expect. This would be a big test in my mind for a band that proclaims to be on a “musical quest to bring back the flash and high energy of rock ‘n’ roll!” Vocalist Sydney Snow handled “10 Seconds to Love” as it should be handled; with a large amount of tease and sleaze to go along with the lyrics. I found it interesting the band chose two early Crue songs to perform since they very much reminded me of the young, energetic Motley Crue I saw in the early/mid-80’s.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Löve Razër go far in the industry. This band of 20-25-year-olds has the whole package, heaps of personality, a great Sunset Strip sound and original material that is fresh and exciting and leaves me wanting more. After all, any band that uses umlauts in their name is alright with me.

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