LYDIA CAN’T BREATHE – Tastes New (Album Review)

Very Weird, But Very Metal – Faith No More’s Bastard Sons Break Out Of The Asylum

Do you like Faith No More?  Do you like your metal crazy and improvisational?  If so, read on my friends and let the craziness begin.

187 Stupid” Is a bit of a mess, but I like this mess.  There’s a rapping like vocal, mixed with a melodic clean vocal thrown in with some brutal growling, which sounds like it’s hurting his voice. The kick drums are just so overpowering, they’re giving me a headache and I’m only one song in. The guitar work throughout is a mass of little riffs pulled together and are very intricate. There’s an off tone sounding chorus, where all the vocals sound slightly out of tune but it perfectly fits where it’s supposed to.

Adventure Out” and it’s the first time I’ve ever had to turn my sub woofer down; it’s moving too far across the floor for me to keep up with. The vocals on this are crazy, so fast at times it’s like watching one of those auctioneers on the Storage Wars show. There’s some classic death metal riffing on this and again the drums are punching a hole in my chest – I can only imagine what it would be like live. These guys are real musicians; some of the timing patterns and the intricacy of the music is stunning. The vocals are perfect, this is something I’ve wanted to hear from a band for a long time.

Edibles” starts off with this crazy drum pattern, before pounding into a standard rock riff. Again, the vocals follow a rapping pattern and, as the song progresses, it gets unbelievably heavy.  As I’m sat back listening, the only comparison for this song I can make to any other band is Suicidal Tendencies, but with more technicality. Ah, the guitar solo that comes in towards the end is as sweet as it gets and then it all comes to a halt.

Future” commences with some of the heaviest drumming I’ve ever heard over a clean vocal. This track has a nice ring to it, the vocals are bit Mike Patton in parts and, along with that, it has that Patton weirdness. There’s some off beat drums rolling in the background and a stop start riff playing in the background, but then the chorus is quite melodic. It’s unusual, but I like it. The only thing that puts me off this track is that the chorus is repeated so many times it’s almost irritating.

Have Mercy” begins sounding like Carcass. The drums are so powerful it’s almost drowning out the rest of the instruments. I like the vocals over this; they don’t really fit, but they do. This is what I’ve almost imagined how Carcass would sound if there was actual singing over the music. I love the tapping guitar solo on this, it almost sounds like those noises you used to hear when the dial up modem was looking for its connection.

“Liberator” has a riff that rolls around and is just a sweet start to the track, with a good melodic vocal running all over the top. Underneath, there’s a crunching riff and over that is another almost harmonic type riff sliding around, with some punchy harmonics thrown in for good measure. I’m beginning to wonder whether the drummer of this band is the leader, because his drums are so far up front they are really overpowering (as I said before).  It’s not that he’s a bad drummer. On the contrary, he’s a world class drummer by the sounds of it. If anything, the vocals could have done with a little more reverb.  They sound great, but they are a bit flat and could’ve been so much better.

“Mother” has another crazily timed riff and drumbeat at the start again, with some harmonics in all the right places before we launch into a pummelling death metal riff as the vocals rap all over the place. Sometimes, these guys are so good they really are hard to keep up with. The little guitar parts thrown in all over the song are just so good, but (again) the vocals just needed that little bit of reverb on the cleaner parts not so much the rapping sections.

Rise As One” kicks off at a fast pace and with a terrorising scream. The riff is just winding along as a very melodic chorus comes out over a harmonising riff. I love the chorus on this, but there’s so much going on in all these songs – it’s like one minute they are screamo, then thrash, death, Zappa and god knows what else.

She Deserves” had me thinking this would be the ballad. However, this band is all about destroying your parts with thundering kick drums, churning riffs and screaming your face off and this one is full of all the above.  Again, I like the melodic chorus in this. I’m starting to think this drummer is a terminator because those feet are on overdrive. He must have iced his feet twice a day after recording this album because I would have had to.  It all calms down in the middle with a widdly little riff before the solo comes in and some nice singing.

Tastes New” reminds me of an 80’s punky riff in the beginning, then gets all crazy. I like this stop start riffing mixed with the rap, before the clean vocal comes in for the chorus. The clean vocals sound a bit flat though, almost like they recorded the whole album live and by this track his voice was starting to tire. At 2:18, there’s an acoustic guitar that comes in and the mixture of that and the vocal track reminds me of Annihilators best known song “Alice In Hell”.

Victoms” starts of with a nice clean acoustic guitar that builds towards the absolute thrashing you are about to get through your ears. I like the pace of the song. This is my favourite track so far, it’s like a top 40 pop song played as heavy as a lead brick. Like a satanic Everly Brothers. I reckon they should give Tarantino a call to see if he’d like it for one of his upcoming movies – this would be right up his street. It almost sounds like a Mexican Mariachi band as it comes to a close with a wailing guitar solo and all the flamenco style riffing going on.

Zebra” is built on drums and they are kicking the shit out of my eardrums right now. This is straight up Hatebreed – I could see Jamey Jasta screaming his left testicle off on this one. It’s got all the hardcore riffing on it with all the pinch harmonics, but at times it’s extremely heavy, much heavier than Hatebreed.

As always, final thoughts – do the band live on a deep diet of Faith No More, Fantomas and eclectic rock? This was a crazy album to listen to, but I loved every minute of it until the last chords rang out. The vocals are very dynamic and the way he goes from sweet harmonising vocals to a gutterall scream is just plain crazy. If he doesn’t wear that voice out in a year or two, I’ll be amazed. The musicians are a pleasure to listen to as there’s so much going on; at times, it even had me scratching my head trying to figure which part went where. They are very similar to Australian band Twelve Foot Ninja, so if you like these guys check them out also – they are like dislocated brothers.

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