NONPOINT – X (August 24, 2018)

US metallers Nonpoint return on August 24, 2018, with their 10th studio album. Unsurprisingly entitled X, (pronounced ‘ten’), the album will be out via Spinefarm Records.
X tracklisting:
  1. “Empty Batteries”
  2. “Chaos and Earthquakes”
  3. “Fix This”
  4. “Crashing”
  5. “Passive Aggressive”
  6. “Dodge Your Destiny”
  7. “Wheel Against Will”
  8. “Milestone”
  9. “Feel The Way I Feel”
  10. “Position One”
Check out, “Dodge Your Destiny”, from the album, below.
Ten – I can already tell is going to become a flagship record for us,” said singer Elias Soriano“Watching people’s reactions when we play them the new music tells me that we have created something that is going to move crowds and may even redefine us. It’s the year of the X.”
The unconquerable spirit of Nonpoint charges up the energy in any environment, from the studio to the stage. The stamina, resilience, diversity, massive power and undeniable authenticity of the enduring Active Rock crew make them kindred spirits to their audience: fans who call upon the band’s tried-and-true anthems to help conquer adversity in their own lives. 

Nonpoint emerged as part of the cultural wave of aggressive-streetwise-metal-mixed-with-melodic-force and unapologetic passion that burst from underground clubs onto Ozzfest and MTV in the early 2000’s. But even as radio formats shifted and the window dressing aesthetics changed, the sheer intensity balanced with huge catchiness of Nonpoint bangers like “Bullet with a Name”, “Breaking Skin”, “The Truth” and “That Day” kept them relevant and revered.

“Our fans appreciate the variety in what we do and the difference in how we do it,” notes frontman Elias Soriano. “We write songs that have meat on the bones and stick to your ribs.” 

Nonpoint recently wrapped their co-headline Kings & Queens Tour with Butcher Babies. The band is currently sorting its next set of tour plans and will spend much of the next year and beyond on the road in support of its latest effort.
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