Sarasin-Sarasin (April 15, 2015)

Sarasin1Sarasin formed in the steel mills of Hamilton, Ontario back in the early 80’s. After some lineup changes throughout the years the band now consists of Greg Boileau (guitar), Roger Banks (drums) and Michael Wilson (bass/vocals) and are poised to release their latest effort on April 15, 2015. With the addition of Michael on vocals and bass (original bass player Rob Grant passed away from cancer) the now power trio have titled the new release simply Sarasin. They proclaim that if you have bands such as Priest, Sabbath or Zeppelin in your album collection it makes sense to listen to Sarasin. The band is trying to get their song “The Hammer” heard by the powers that be at Marvel Studios for possible entry in the next Thor Movie.

Sarasin Website / Sarasin Facebook

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