SPARZANZA – Interview with Frederik Weileby (Audio interview)

One of two amazing albums I have heard this year Sparzanza, Announcing the End (the other, also amazing being their Swedish counterparts The Soul Exchange with their Vow of Seth EP) is an amazing slab of wax. Here’s a quote from my album review: “Final thoughts on the album. What the hell is going on in Sweden? Between Sparzanza and The Soul Exchange releasing two of the best albums this year, I’m considering a move to the Scandinavian countries. This album is a pounding slab of rock, for people who love Black Sabbath, Avenged Sevenfold and Shinedown among many others. Don’t be deceived by that lineup, as they are no one trick pony. This is one ass kicking, face melting, soul-lifting band. Alright, some of the choruses sound a bit samey, but like I said before, the rest of the song makes up for it in the long run. Thanks, Sparzanza, for making my second favorite album of the year!”

Check out my Decibel Geek album review for Announcing the End through this link: Announcing the End (Album Review)

I got the chance to chat with frontman Frederik Weileby about the new album, including song subject matter, production and instruments. We also discussed their 20-year history, their large back catalog of amazing rock albums, the comings, and goings of ex-members and vocal techniques among other things. The first few seconds we had a bit of a delay as the chat started but it’s all good after that.

So strap in for a cozy, friendly chat with the Beezer and Sparzanza‘s wildman.

A big thank you to the band and Despotz Records for making this possible.

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