THE DEAD DAISIES – Burn It Down (Album Review)

The Dead Daisies - Burn It Down The Dead Daisies were an interesting musical force for me when I first heard about them a good while back. Me personally, I love a good supergroup, sometimes they can be messy but when they work they lay waste to other bands before them. They came to my attention back when Australian rock singer John Stevens (former singer with Noiseworks and INXS) was then fronting the band. It’s a shame he left because he has an amazingly clear and powerful voice which hasn’t really faltered even as he has aged.

So here they are with a brand new album and John Corabi formerly of Union and Motley Crue firmly ensconced on the vocals. He’s joined by ex-Whitesnake bassist Marco Mendoza, Journey drummer Deen Castronovo, Doug Aldrich also formerly of Whitesnake on guitar and founder member Australian David Lowey also on guitar.

The album kicks off with “Resurrected” which sounds pretty much like everything I was expecting. Corabi‘s vocals sound a bit rough on this track, he’s always had a gruff edge to his voice I personally think, ever since I first came across him as the replacement for Vince Neil front man of Motley Crue. This whole track is a bit all over the place, noisy in parts and all the instruments just sound like they’re bleeding over each other fighting for space. Towards the end of the track it gets really messed up as the orchestrated parts come in.

The next track “Rise Up” would’ve been a much better album opener. It’s got a good crunchy revolving riff and a 70’s chorus that reminds me of David Coverdale. “Burn It Down” is a bit bluesy in the beginning and again reminds me of early Whitesnake but the chorus lets it down. “Judgement Day” is acoustic based at first but then roars into a right out rocker. Probably the best song on the album so far. “What Goes Around” kicks off with a fuzzy guitar tone and plugging bass line and shapes into a 70’s sounding rocker from the off.

Halfway through the album we get to “Bitch” which has a real groove to it, it almost sounds like a Guns ‘n’ Roses track but with much better vocals. The guitar tones are clear and sound full. The chorus is much better on this one than most so far. “Set me Free” is a much slower bluesy type track at first, the guitar tone is sweet and soft which fits the vocals perfectly. Corabi sings his soul out on this one as it builds towards the chorus. The chorus is short and sweet but just what the track needs and the solo is strong and anthemic.

Dead and Gone” is 100% 70’s rocker. That guitar reminds me of T-Rex and when the chorus comes in it just pushes further in that direction. “Can’t Take It With You” has thick and distorted guitars which give it a good pounding fist-pumping feel and a cranking guitar solo pushing it through the sound barrier. “Leave Me Alone” is the track where I’m starting to think it’s all starting to sound a bit the same.

The final track on the album is a cover of The Beatles“Revolution” or at least a very jazzed up version. It’s full of fuzzy wah-wah guitar. I actually like this version but they should have gone with an original over the cover to get people to forget their supergroup cover band past.

Final thoughts on THE DEAD DAISIES – Burn It Down.

To me as a whole it was a good solid rock album, it was a bit shaky at first but then it really got going. The guitars sound thick and full, the drums clear and huge. If you’re a big fan of 70’s type rock then you will definitely love this. It has early Whitesnake written all over it and Corabi‘s vocals hit that Coverdale spot on this album a lot. The song writing still leaves a lot to be desired but now they are really on the right path…. Finally

Decibel rating 7/10

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