UNLEASH THE ARCHERS – Apex (June 2, 2017)

Napalm Records are set to release the new album by Canadian power metal outfit Unleash The Archers on June 2, 2017.

Entitled Apex, it will be the band’s fourth full-length album and is eagerly anticipated by fans of melodic, heavy, power metal.

“Cleanse the Bloodlines” represents the debut single from the album, and powerful frontwoman Brittney Slayes states, “We are beyond stoked to finally debut a track from the new album, and this song was unanimously chosen as the first single by the whole band, no question. It’s a heavy song so we wanted a heavy video, and we think that Richard (Olak, director) did an incredible job of capturing the essence of the album perfectly. It was a brutal two days of filming in zero degree weather, but it was worth it, and we think it turned out well. We filmed with a 6K RED Weapon, one of the best cameras out there right now, and the cinematic quality adds to the dark nature of the lyrical content.  We think our fans are really going to like this one!”

Apex Track Listing:
1. “Awakening”
2. “Shadow Guide”
3. “The Matriarch”
4. “Cleanse The Bloodlines”
5. “The Coward’s Way”
6. “False Walls”
7. “Ten Thousand Against One”
8. “Earth And Ashes”
9. “Call Me Immortal” 
10. “Apex”

From its opener “Awakening” to the closing title track, the listener will partake in a furious adventure, weaving through elements of the strongest metal genres of our time. You’ll be guided by the shimmering heat of sweeping lead guitars, face-melting solos, deafening growls, pummeling bass lines and of course the thrilling hooks of Brittney Slayes‘ king-size voice. Heartrending choirs defending heavy metal evermore beckon you into battle!

Unleash the Archers line-up:
Brittney Slayes – vocals
Scott Buchanan – drums
Grant Truesdell – guitar, vocals
Andrew Kingsley – guitar, vocals
Nikko Whitworth – bass



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