1968 – Ballads of the Godless (July 6, 2018)

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HeviSike Records is pleased to announce that they will release Ballads of The Godless, the new album from 1968, on July 6, 2018. The album was recorded partially by Chris Fielding (Conan) at Skyhammer Studios and also with Simon Jones (The Verve)

About 1968:

Formed in 2013 out of a chance meeting between Sam (Orr, guitars) and James (Coppack, vocals) 1968 was created out of their love for many legendary albums created in the year that signaled the beginning of a darker, heavier movement in music and popular culture; a period in time characterized by an evolving socio-political environment, the end of the colorful ‘Summer of Love’ era and the dawn of a more cynical cultural landscape defined by the Manson murders and the Altamont tragedy.

Drawing influences from Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Jimi Hendrix and many others, the band have a sound that pays homage as well as brings new elements to the overall mix.

The band released their debut, self-titled EP in January 2015 to favorable reviews and their follow up Fortuna Havana, was picked up by Black Bow Records for a February 2017 release after which the group signed to Birmingham, UK underground rock label HeviSike Records.  
 1968 pride themselves on travelling with a backline that conveys their ‘Loud as Fuck’ ethic, this has been used to great effect in live shows around the UK; The quartet have shared bills with Boss Keloid, Mars Red Sky, Kurokuma and Valley of the Sun amongst others at venues in Manchester and throughout the United Kingdom. 1968 are due to embark on a six-date tour of Spain and Portugal in June 2018 in support of the upcoming debut album Ballads of the Godless.

1968 wear their influences on their sleeve. There are plenty of bands that stalk the planet playing classic/hard rock; the trick is to make it your own and not become a cliché. 1968 walk the line well and come out with originality whilst using their influences to great effect.”The Sludgelord

“The album itself was a breath of fresh air for myself. With the progression of music and the questionable turn many genres have taken, it’s easy to forget where the sound came from. 1968 proves that they are here to help the Golden Age of music and Classic Rock live on forever.”Antihero Magazine

 Vocals – Jimi Coppack
 Guitar – Sam Orr
 Bass – The Bear
 Drums – Dan Amati



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