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Hello Oasis, Goodbye Ramones, and Welcome Back Van Halen (Sorta) – 1996 Year in Review Pt2 Ep306


We’re back this week to tackle July through December for our 1996 Year in Review Pt2. July sees Layne Staley taking the stage for the last time. The Alice in Chains vocalist would overdose after a show in Kansas City, MO and never perform live again. Also in July, the Spice Girls hit big while scientists clone the first sheep. We’re not saying there’s a connection. We also aren’t saying there isn’t one. We discuss these stories and spin tunes from Jack Russell and Sublime.

The month of August in this 1996 Year in Review Pt2 is a busy one. Oasis is hitting their peak on the strength of 1995’s ‘What’s the Story Morning Glory’ album. The band is selling out shows all over the world while getting massive press for shooting off their mouths. Conversely, Ramones were wrapping up a three decade career filled with great songs as well as disappointment.  We take on these subjects as well as play cuts from Type O Negative and Michael Schenker Group.

1996 Year in Review Pt2


September of 1996 contains a bunch of great music. In this 1996 Year in Review Pt2 episode we spin fresh tracks from Thunder, Rush, Neurotic Outsiders, and Tool. Moreover, October sees the trend of solid rock music continue with releases by Marilyn Manson, Motorhead, Dio, and a greatest hits album by Van Halen. Speaking of Van Halen, the band shocked the world at the MTV Video Music Awards as the band reunited on stage with original singer David Lee Roth to present an award. The reunion was over before it began, however, and the whole thing fizzled quickly due to infighting. We discuss the Van Halen reunion that wasn’t in this episode.

The month of October 1996 included a big announcement by guitar hero Slash as he announced his departure from Guns N Roses. This announcement cemented most music fans opinion that the band was finished. Additionally, October included new music from Ugly Kid Joe, Corrosion of Conformity and a strange new release from LA Guns. We share some tracks from these bands and discuss some of the reasons behind Slash‘s big decision.

November and December of 1996 included newsworthy items such as Bill Clinton defeating Bob Dole in the US election and the launch of the Mars Global Surveyor. New music from Gotthard, Poison, and Nerf Herder is unleashed on the world. We take a look at these stories this week.

So many subjects, so many songs, and so much more including Top Movies of 1996 and classic commercials! We hope you enjoy 1996 Year in Review Pt2 and SHARE with a friend!

Geeks of the Week:

Joe Royland, Sit and Spin with Joe, Scott Smith, Eric Sartana Horner, Dave Kostka, Kevin Williams, Neil Johnson, Allen Tate, Derik Novak, Ian Wadley (Rock & Metal Combat podcast), Brennan Barrier, Otto Erlend Gregersen, Mikael Burell, Wayne Cross, Joseph Capone, Sean Cullen, Greg McGlone, Darren Parkin, Rockin’ Ron Runyon, Aaron Baker, Kenneth Roy, Free Form Rock Podcast, Growin Up Rock Podcast, Marc Alden Taylor, Samuel Wetz, Jay Szczeblewski, Andrew Jacobs, Cole Thornton, David Myerez, Chris Larson, SaveRockNMetal, PCarrillo, Christopher Stokes, David Glynn, 86, Ernesto Aguilar, Daniel Lee, Sonny Pooni, Digital Killed the Radio Star podcast, Billy Hardcore, MDG Rock Photography, Dirk Sokolowski, The Mooger Fooger

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