OLDE – Temple (August 11, 2017)

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Ice sheets are cracking, seas are rising, geopolitical tensions are boiling… massive, rumbling doom must be in the air!

Feast your ears on the much-anticipated second album from Olde, pile driving your brain stem like the primordial, lumbering ancestors of Lemmy and Jus Oborn might do.

Temple, the new offering from Olde via STB Records, contains seven molded-from-magma packages of concise, efficient sludge rock.  The album drops on August 11th, so check it out.

Inspired by a recording session with legendary stoner-metal stalwarts Sons of Otis, guitarist/producer Greg Dawson handpicked and assembled the personnel with whom he would co-create a powerful and economic approach to doom.

Enlisting the help of drummer Ryan Aubin (Sons of Otis), bassist Cory McCallum (Five Knuckle Chuckle), guitarist Chris “Hippy” Hughes and vocalist Doug McLartyOlde began to take form. Following the recording of their debut full-length I in 2014 before any of the members had even met, they finally converged in Dawson‘s driveway and got along famously.

Of that first album, Decibel Magazine said:

“Sludge metal doesn’t have to be original; it just has to hit hard. Olde do just that. Like Down in their downer mode, their southern doom rumbles in the most satisfying way possible.”

Returning with the 4-song Shallow Graves EP in 2016, the band accessed more feral and frenzied territory while staying true to their heavy, bludgeoning roots.  Hellbound gushed:

“If you want muscular riffs, stoner grooves and the weight of doom from the Big Smoke, you won’t do better than Olde.”

Olde wastes little time or effort. They are precise, efficient and heavy.  Rejecting the sometimes meandering norms of the genre, their music is an exercise in force and restraint. There are no ten-minute guitar solos, spacey soundscapes, spritely psychedelics or chanting freak-folk interludes. This is a doom band who often make musical statements in under five minutes.  These calculated arrangements communicate the single-minded and earnest nature of what they’re about.

Releasing on Aug 11, 2017, Temple finds Olde putting society and personality in its crosshairs.  Their latest output embraces more abstraction and harmony, whilst never forgetting to bludgeon their fans lovingly with riff after riff, the sophisticated-caveman drums of Aubin and the ragged-yet-always-clear roar of lyricist McLarty.


  • Ryan Aubin – Drums
  • Greg Dawson – Guitars
  • Chris Hughes – Guitars
  • Cory McCallum – Bass
  • Doug McLarty – Vocals



[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlm-4Hi4pUM[/embedyt]

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