FREAKY JELLY – Reverse (October 13, 2017)

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Brazilian prog-rock might well be a niche market but Freaky Jelly may just be the band to fill it. Their debut album Reverse will be available via Rockshot Records from October 13, 2017. (NB Amazon states a release date of December 8)

Freaky Jelly is a Brazilian band with influences from traditional progressive rock to hard rock, it goes through the classic heavy metal and rock n’ roll among other styles. Formed in 2013 by guitarist André Faustino (former Autopsy, Icarus, Vexus, Eve), bassist Rafael de Paula (ex-Burning Lips, Tequila Pop) and drummer Mauricio Gross (formerly Eve, Tequila Pop, current Pedro Autz). Before beginning the writing compositions for what would become the band Freaky Jelly, the band charged their batteries playing rock classics. This trio had been known since 2003, playing in bars and covers bands. In 2014 the first compositions were finalized by the band, which would become Freaky Jelly. Joining the team were keyboardist Julio Vince (Dreamspair) and vocalist Ricardo De Stefano (former Andragonia, current Inheritance).
The album Reverse was recorded in the GR studio and has 9 songs, the lyrics of which talk about the relationships in life, about daily life and the last three songs are part of a trilogy called “Behind the Memories”. As in life (which is the great inspiration of the band), the compositions are ruled by the changes of climate – now calm and smooth, sometimes fast and aggressive. The lyrics complete the scenario by combining themes that can portray a beautiful and simple sunny day with deeper and strained reflections. The musical diversity of its members directs the sound of the band, whose sole purpose is to deliver a melodic and honest sound.
1 – “Highest Ground”
2 – “Alicia’s Garden”
3 – “Nothing to Feel”
4 – “Saints and Sinners”
5 – “Hardest Part of Goodbye”
6 – “Behind the Memories – Part. I – Illusions”
7 – “Behind the Memories – Part II – Reflections”
8 – “Behind the Memories – Part III – Wake Up”
9 – “Behind the Memories – Part IV – Morning Glory”

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