Album Review: Savage – 7/Live n’ Lethal

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savage 7/live n lethalFather, I confess…I was never a massive fan of NWOBHM…Burn him!  Savage are one of the bands that passed me by during the Eighties and yet, here they are, releasing 7/Live n’ Lethal many years later.  I liked Iron Maiden, but nothing else really from that movement.  Savage obviously have touched rock royalty with Metallica covering songs etc, but they still left me cold.

I have listened to this album lots to try and like it, but still nothing outstanding hits me.  It all seems fine, but just not inspirational or unique.  It is like listening to a bar band, who are proficient, but not profound.

Firstly, we have the studio album of 7, which has 12 tracks of largely generic metal, like the Eighties were still here.  It kicks off with “I Am The Law” (not the far superior Anthrax track) and continues until “Heads Will Roll“, which I suffered through and did not enjoy much.  I hate being negative, but this album just left me wanting to listen to something more interesting.  I am sure that the songs will appeal to those that love Saxon or some other NWOBHM bands, but I found it bland and unappealing.  I think it is the singing that gets to me most, with savage-12bChris Bradley not to my taste with his (ironically) Joe Elliott type vocals.

On a positive note, the songs “The Road to Avalon” and “Super Spy” display some unique touches, but the chugging riffing and bland production still make for painful listening – sorry guys!

On to the Live n’ Lethal tracks, recorded recently.  What can I say?  I am also not a fan of live albums, unless they are Live After Death or All The World’s A Stage.  This set of tracks, which covers the songs on Loose n’ Lethal is deftly competent, without really getting your blood pumping.  There is, for me, not one stand out song in the whole set and that is disappointing.

I largely hate being negative, but this whole package did not really inspire me.  I suppose that lovers of NWOBHM may enjoy the trip, but for me, it was not so pleasant traveling on such Savage roads.

Buy: 7/Live n Lethal

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