Volbeat – Seal The Deal & Let’s Boogie (Album Review)

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volbeat logoIt has been a long 3 years awaiting new music from what I believe to be the best of the best in the new breed of heavy metal rock n’ roll music. I missed the beat in their early years but around 2008 I came across them and have been hooked on their hooks since. One of the more successful metal bands to arrive in the last decade during a time when arguments abound regarding the death of rock. I have no need for such arguments when I hear Volbeat. The band takes some fine sounds of metal, rockabilly, pop sensibility and goes with it. Some fans only like their metal songs, some stick with the rockabilly. I like it all. Plenty in fact. They are in my regular rotation. Our son loves them too, which warms the cockles of my heart to know the new generation is taking notice. My wife, she digs the grooves and rocks out every time. In fact, she usually reaches for the switch to and cranks the volume faster than I do when a Volbeat tune is listed in our favourite artists thanks to this feature in our SiriusXM-enabled vehicle. I love her in so many ways!

Volbeat-Michael_Schøn_Poulsen_and_Rob_CaggianoNow here we go with the newest from the Danes, their sixth. Anyone not living under a rock and paying attention to the metal scene should be fairly familiar with a few songs already. The band has done well to promote the release for a few months now and released some singles before the full album. We begin with one of those in “The Devil’s Bleeding Crown”. Terrific start. Wonderful song and sticking to what works.

Next, we have “Marie Laveau” which is familiar a la “Lola Montez”. These guys like writing about the (perhaps shady) ladies. Sounding great! I love the marching beat and the double bass drum kicks it up! Well done Jon!

“The Bliss” is another strong song; Michael’s vocals are sticking to their cleanliness of solid production that seemed to turn the page for Volbeat since their 2008 issue to the current period.

“The Gates of Babylon” slides a bit down on the scale for me, still a good song but a tad more generic. “Let It Burn” also falls flat for me, still not bad, though!

“Black Rose” features longtime friend and touring partner of the band, Danko Jones and ramps up the goodness. Riffage galore from Rob!

volbeatsealthedealcdbiggernew_638“Rebound” is solid, a less heavy one.

“Mary Jane Kelly”, another tune about a gal, this one is less interesting.

“Goodbye Forever”, some acoustic action in the forefront, with some great electric alongside.

“Seal The Deal”, another song that was pre-released. Although this is the title track it is weak for my ears. I still cannot compel myself to call it bad, though. This one boogies!

“Battleship Chains”, ok here we go. Being a cover of a Georgia Satellites song that was never a hit or even all that popular with their fans at the time (I know I am one of them), within 3 seconds I knew this was blowing my ears up with fantastic glorious sounding rock/metal. Wow. Could be a new fave. I don’t usually comment on lyrics, but these are cleverly fun. This sound reminds me of April Wine‘s greatness with similar vocal effects to “Rock Myself To Sleep” and awesome hooks. Thank you Volbeat whether you meant a tip of the hat or not to one of Canada’s finest rock bands.

The release completes itself with “You Will Know” and “The Loa’s Crossroad”. Both good tunes.

Well, I don’t give stars or much of a rating scale. I generally prefer you read and listen, regardless of what I say it really is your choice if your ears like it or not. I happen to love it!

  • Blair De Abreu

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