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AmorettesHigh expectations don’t scratch the surface of my anticipation of the forthcoming effort from The AmorettesBorn To Break. Their previous release, White Hot Heat in 2016 found its way into my best 10 albums of the year. And I still spin it from time to time. Great gym workout tunes. Fast furious and simple. If AC/DC were female. It is said that they are “like Airbourne with Joan Jett as a front woman” and/or “female Motorhead.

Scottish hard rock, all-female trio, The Amorettes formed in 2009 with the meeting of guitarist Gill Montgomery and drummer Hannah McKay at college. Bass guitarist and Hannah‘s younger sister, Heather McKay joined to round out the three-woman team. Finding the name “Amorette” in a baby name book, Montgomery christened the band and The Amorettes were born.

The trio of ladies are preparing to unveil their fourth album offering. Titled Born To Break, the album drops April 6, 2018, via Steamhammer/SPV. And what a foot stomping, head banging, fist pumping barn burner it is! This fourth full-length record follows the debut, 2010’s Haulin’ Ass, 2015’s Game On, and 2016’s White Hot Heat which, as I said made my best of the year list. The Born To Break album was produced by Luke Morley of UK arena rockers Thunder, recorded and mixed by Nick Brine (The Darkness, Bruce Springsteen) and will be released April 6th, 2018 through SPV/Steamhammer as CD digipak, 2LP gatefold colored version, download, and stream. 

So excited I was for this, but on initial spins, I found myself left empty somehow. I really hate how anticipation can do that to you! The entire collection seems less vibrant, more subdued. I guess we all mature with each minute of getting older, but I miss the piss and vinegar youthful rebellion of “Let the Neighbors Call the Cops”. That was my initial reactions, but after subsequent listens, I find that Born to Break is an even more cohesive and solid offering than the previous. Yes, some of that swagger and “stick it to the man” attitude from White Hot Heat has subsided but Born To Break is warming my heart with each rotation. Will it work its way up the ladder and into my top ten best of the year? Only time will tell, of course, but it’s certainly possible!


AMORETTES - Born To Break Born To Break consist of 12 compositions, leading out with “Can You Feel The Fire”. The longest cut of the collection, it’s a track that displays a lot of the qualities from the previous release and a great start to Born To Break. Next is “Hello And Goodbye” exhibiting a slower pace. It’s one of those that after a couple of listens will have you singing it to yourself. Infectious.
“Everything I Learned (I Learned From Rock And Roll)” brings back more of the swagger and rebellion in a big way. The ladies still have that piss and vinegar on fire attitude and it shines through here. The title track pumps up the energy even higher, a fast-paced thumper from start to finish! The steady pace of “Whatever Gets You Through The Night” charges through to “Hell Or High Water” to round out the first half.
Remind me why I took some time to get into Born To Break again? Without going through all 12 tracks individually, I’ll just reiterate how much this album really warmed its way into my ears.
I’d probably point out “Bat Shit Crazy” as my top track here. It just appeals to me. Lyrically and musically. It’s a bit more wild and free…like the reigns have been released and the horses are charging off on a wild run.

THE AMORETTES – Born To Break – Final Thoughts

Who’s kidding who…I shall be surprised myself if this isn’t in my top ten best of 2018 list! Go buy it now! Scotland’s all-female hard rockin’ trio, The Amorettes continue to impress me with their releases. They consistently deliver top-notch party paced high energy Hard Rock and Born To Break is no exception. A band I very much want to see live…hopefully Sweden Rock Festival will facilitate?….or perhaps I need to do one of my famous stalking tours?

White Hot Heat Album Review by The Meister / Game On Album Review by Blair DeAbreu


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