ANTHEMS IN ASHES – Burn It Down (Album Review)

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Anthems In Ashes is a four piece hard rock band “brought together by their love of music that is both heavy and high energy“.

This band from Toronto has played some of the best venues in the city and won the Jack Daniels Supporting Act Competition.  Last year, they recorded their debut EP with Juno Award Winning Producer Siegfried Meier at Beach Road Studios.  The band also released the music video for their single “Stealing Names.

The group is made up of Micheil Gray on guitar, James Douglas on bass,  Rob Barber on drums and Harley Olivia on vocals.  The great thing is that you would have a hard time categorising their sound, but it is damn fine powerful for sure!  The guitars are played with a great sense of rhythm and the drums slash into the mind’s eye.  The bass rumbles beneath the surface as the vocals break into the stratosphere.

Anthems In Ashes bandANTHEMS IN ASHES – Burn It Down

The album opens with the crackling of scratched vinyl as the door is opened for “Her Fire“.  A mournful piano piece accompanies the sweet treble of Harley Olivia.  That peace is soon shattered by a scream and we’re off to the races.  The song is a strong start to an accomplished collection of five songs.  The line “I didn’t ask him to die for our sins” is very soulful.   Harley‘s stupendous voice drives this tune.

Follow You Down” has a funky chunky riff and the tone of the guitar reminds me of Hole from the 1990’s. The band do remind me a bit of Courtney Love‘s group, but with more memorable songs.

On the third song, “Stealing Names“, the drums crack.  Anthems In Ashes are at the peak of their powers on this tune.

Following on, “Ghost I Know” shows the bass prowess of James Douglas.  This song is another fine piece, one which lingers long after the record has stopped.

The heartfelt wrench of “Hunger” closes the collection. The guitar work of Micheil Gray is outstanding.   Once again, I can hear elements of Hole, but with so much more sincerity.  The singing blows me away again.

Overall, this is a stunning collection of songs which need to be heard.  Plenty of anthems yet to be disintegrated!


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