Apocalyptic Lovers – Redemption Volume 1 (Album Review)

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apocalyptic lovers

A message sent out to Decibel Geek asked whether we’d be interested in reviewing a new six track E.P. from a new American band.  Do bears go to the toilet in the woods?  Of course, we’re always looking at new music and, in this case, I am mighty glad we did.  This collection smokes more than Taime Downe of Faster Pussycat!

It is appropriate to mention Faster Pussycat, as this record has its roots in that movement, with the band all being (apocalyptic) lovers of the music of Dokken.  This is emphasised by the record being mixed by the legendary Michael Wagener, who produced Dokken!

Originally based out of Youngstown, OH, Apocalyptic Lovers (formerly Love And War) are George Allan (bass), Dave Hope (drums), Robert Kane (vocals), Sean Magee (guitars) and Mike Nagy (guitar).

Boom!  The EP opens up with a barrage of guitars (a bit like Mr Big‘s “Addicted To That Rush“) and rattles into “Better Days“.  The music is classic but doesn’t sound dated.  The guitars crunch, the drums boom and Kane sings amazingly.  He is a mixture of Don Dokken and some Michael Monroe.  The song has a groove to it and that whole swing cuts through the whole of the collection.

al_wagenerKilling For A Living” swiftly follows and this is a song that will stick in your brain like like gum on your shoe.  Love the lyrical lines of “when you’re killing for a living, it never seems like you’re winning“.  Magee goes all George Lynch on the solo, but it is a great homage rather than any plundering.

One other aspect of this record is that it has great vocal harmonies, which also bring to mind prime Dokken with Pilson backing up Don.  This is particularly noticeable on “Left In The Cold“.  This song is my pick of the bunch and the guitar tone is so impressive, with the way in which the picking scratches across the strings to give that “dang dang dang” resonance.

Anyway, the whole of the record is class and passes the “driving test” – you this on in the car and you’ll enjoy the journey for sure!  Get a copy of Apocalyptic Lovers now and be at the start of a great adventure…

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