Axe Crazy-Angry Machines Vinyl EP (February 26, 2016)

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Axe Crazy-Angry MachinesLimited to 200 vinyl copies, Pure Underground Records will re-release the Axe Crazy‘s debut EP, Angry Machines, from 2014. Like the name, borrowed by the self-titled single of Jaguar from 1982, already suggests, the quintet from Poland has committed themselves to the spirit of the glorious, early days of NWOBHM. On four songs, they enlarge the Metal underground with majestic twin guitar leads, rapid, but tight double-bass drumming and melodic, powerful high pitched vocals. References like the eponyms, early Iron Maiden stuff and a decent dose of early US Metal always can be perceived. But still, Axe Crazy sent up an adolescent briskness, that can’t be found very often nowadays. Traditional, stainless steel at its best: With Axe Crazy, no frequenter of festivals like Keep It True and Headbangers Open Air will be disappointed. (from Pure Underground Website)

Axe Crazy Facebook (in Polish language)

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