AXXION – Back In Time (Album Review)

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Axxion Back In Time Decibel GeekCanadian rockers Axxion were born around 35 years too late. Back In Time screams New Wave of British Heavy Metal and leaves you in no doubt as to where their influence comes from.

Back in Time is the second full-length album from Axxion which is out on High Roller Records.

The album begins in current fashion with a short instrumental, “Attakr” which sets up the album perfectly. It has ripping riffs, pounding drums and a neat solo courtesy of a chap called Shred. He certainly does.

We are first introduced to vocalist D.D. “Dirty D” Kerr, on “Back In Time” and what an introduction it is. There I was, merrily enjoying the intro rhythm work then he comes in. I nearly filled my pants and the sound broke 3 of my best glasses. Piercing does not do it justice. Fortunately for my health, he can also sing in a more considered fashion, but the track is great fun nonetheless.

As I’ve said, they are most definitely inspired by the NWOBHM and you certainly get a feel of Iron Maiden in the way there are long sections of hypnotic rhythm guitaring. Classy stuff.

However, their sound itself is not Maiden, mostly, but more in the style of Raven, Tank or Gaskin.

D.D. “Dirty D” Kerr packs away the scream for “Lost In Flames” and the song is better for it. A cracking solo is present too, one which Dave Murray would be proud of.

Shred introduces “Highway Knights” with some beautiful, pure guitar work. Another cracking song with enthusiastic backing vocals and layered rhythm section. An intricate solo tops it off.

Drummer Emily Anne leaves nothing outside the studio door on “Headbanger”, she gives it absolutely everything here, which is most appreciated by this listener. D.D. unleashes his banshee once again on here, but the song is called “Headbanger” after all……Axxion

“Ride Through Hell” carries on the good work at a rip-roaring pace, driven by Emily Anne and Jay Decay on bass.

Back In Time continues with “All Bark, No Bite” which combines everything. Pace, power, gang vocals, screaming, singing and quality guitar work from our man Shred.

Axxion, like me, just can’t get enough of this stuff and deliver another fine example of their work with “Criminal”. It’s head-bangingly great and they nail it.

All too quickly we come to the final track on Back In Time, “Sinner”. The longest track on the album sees Axxion peak for a final time. D.D. “Dirty D” Kerr gives his best performance, the rhythm section is on point and Shred, well, shreds to perfection.

I cannot believe this album is current, I feel like I’m reveling in 1980’s greatness. I’ve checked my time machine and it definitely says 2016. I hope I’m not laboring the point but if this album was out at the peak of the NWOBHM it would be considered a classic of its time.

An album title has never been so appropriate.

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