Azrael’s Bane – Modern Day Babylon (Album Review)

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bane_babylonBased in Houston, Texas, Azrael’s Bane was formed in the summer of 2002.  They have since developed a strong following through touring and sharing the stage with international acts such as Motorhead, Hammerfall, W.A.S.P, Danzig, Ripper Owens, George Lynch (Dokken), Metal Church and Nevermore.

This album is a re-release, with additional songs, running to a hefty 24 in total.  The music has been described as power/progressive rock and I, therefore, thought that it would grip and entertain me…Sadly, this was not the case.

I am usually very positive about music I review, but I have failed to connect with this release at all and have tried on numerous occasions to find things to be positive about.  The whole album is well constructed, but I don’t like the production, the singing or the general song structures.  This is my personal opinion and I am sure that dedicated fans will find much to appreciate with songs such as “Shades Of Memory” or “Damian“.  However, I have been left disappointed and perplexed as to why this record doesn’t engage me more.

azraels_bane_band1As mentioned earlier, the production doesn’t help and the drums don’t sound as clear as they could.  The guitar textures are fine, but the singing is probably what I don’t like most.  Trey Gadler is the vocalist and has power to his voice, yet the tone grates on me like someone scratching on a chalkboard.  He is like Axl Rose, but without the sense of control or theatre.

Guitar work on much of the album is great technically.  The songs, however, don’t grab you as a listener and I didn’t feel emotionally involved in any of them.  I don’t know – the whole collection feels a bit soulless and it is a shame that the record, which could have given so much more finds its way into a select number where I am genuinely without enthusiasm.  Sorry guys!

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