Battle of the Rÿche.

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With no doubt in my mind as to who the real Queensrÿche are (yes, I am a little biased having seen the Todd LaTorre version twice recently), I went last night to the Chrome Showroom in Las Vegas to see the other Queensrÿche perform. I was curious to see the performance level of the “super band”, and the quality of show provided by the self proclaimed “man responsible for the entire Operation Mindcrime album”.
I didn’t expect to be “wowed” as I have been by the real band and let me say that it’s a good thing I had gone to the show with no expectations!!!!! The highlight of the show was undoubtedly when Geoff Tate (who had just finished razzing the audience for being lame) tripped over a monitor, falling flat on his butt, and then proceeded to kick it off the stage. After that, the most impressive diva-tastic performance ensued! Tate kept leaving the stage while constantly making angry gestures at the sound crew.

The “super band” (all undeniably amazing musicians) should have spent a little less time posing and a little more time practicing because there were holes all over the performance and more wrong notes than I cared to continue counting. It was difficult to tell who thought they were the biggest superstar because every ego on the stage was larger than life!
The most horrible part of the show of all, however, was the woman who Tate has cast to sing the “Mary” parts. Aside from forgetting half the words (and really, are there that many to remember?!), she was off key most of the time. The word “painful” doesn’t even come close. It was an  insult to Pamela Moore to allow such an abomination.
There is, of course, no comparison. Todd LaTorre and Queensrÿche are the only Queensrÿche. I’ll be eagerly awaiting the new album on June 11th. 
Long live the Rÿche!

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