Brazilian Band NOTURNALL Release Amazing New Video (News)

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Brazilian band Noturnall have released the awesome new video for the recently released track “Mysterious“. If you like fast cars and even faster music, then this is the perfect combination for you. The video features ex formula one driver Rubens Barrichello among some of the country’s finest racers and sees the band engaged in full on rock out while the race goes on around them. The theme of the video tells the story of two childhood friends who, over time, have become rivals in Brazilian and world motorsport.  Junior Carelli, video director and band keyboard player, recently commented on the video.

“This is a very special music video for Noturnall. We are all fans of motorsport and having pilots of the caliber of Rubinho Barrichello and Cacá Bueno in our video is a tremendous honor. It’s like you’re fulfilling a child’s dream. It was also very cool to drive a race car and get on the track at high speed. We were careful to tell a story of friendship and that permeates the entire music video, because it is something that this band always tries to pass on their lyrics and especially what it really is. ” 

Check out the video below for “Mysterious







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