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Burnt Out Wreck SwallowBurnt Out Wreck‘s Swallow is one of those albums that you love right away on the first spin. But you don’t know that you do. Know what I mean? It’s the kind of album that just sticks in your psyche as you spin it while not totally concentrating. You find yourself tapping your toe without realizing it. You find yourself coming back to it time and time again. The album is fully loaded with tons of upbeat “feel good” rock. Nothing overly complicated. Just great beats, tasty riffs and identifiable sing along choruses. Think AC/DC in a way. In fact, one of the tracks brings those Aussies to mind every time. I even catch a little Bif Byford of Saxon here and there as well.

Burnt Out Wreck is the brainchild of Gary Moat. Having trouble placing the name or not familiar with it? Think back, way back to an 80s band called Heavy Pettin’. There you go, that’s right, Moat was the main songwriter for metal legends Heavy Pettin’. The Scottish band was a cult fave that formed in 1981 and lasted through to 1989. They issued three full-length studio albums during their tenure. Now Gary Moat has returned, albeit unintentionally. Check out his statement:

“I went into the studio to record a set of songs. Before I knew it, Swallow had been created, and now here it is. I thoroughly enjoyed being in the studio but it was never my intention to become a recording artist again but here I am. It is crazy but I’m loving it. The album is a culmination of all my influences. It has been 30 years in the making and it seems it’s being received very well everywhere…which is fantastic.”Gary Moat


Leading off with the band’s namesake composition, it has a way of worming its way into your head. Seriously, you’ll find yourself humming/singing this chorus days later. Greeting first with the steady infectious guitar, the rest of the band join in before long. I can’t help but feel that with a chorus and a dirty groove along these lines that this woulda, shoulda, coulda been a radio hit in the 80s. Lots of textured engaging guitar work in this opener. A great track and perfect way to introduce the listener to Burnt Out Wreck.

Burnt Out Wreck
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From the band’s namesake to the album’s title track, we find “Swallow” up next. This is the track that invokes the AC/DC parallel that I mentioned earlier there. It’s the vocals more than anything that bring those hard rock stalwarts to mind. Aside from that, there’s tons more guitar work.

“Pullin’ It Out” is next up. Another solid hard rock cut. However, the chorus does get a little annoyingly repetitive as it goes on. From start to completion, “Best Of Your Life” absolutely rips. Featuring a down low kind of groove if you know what I mean? And a great message too in the lyrics. Unless I miss the mark, Moat sings about making the best of life before you’re gone. Truth through and through.

“Flames” is the longest runtime of the playlist, coming in at just over five and a half minutes. It starts off with the chorus and leads into the first verse from there. As the lyric says, “Everything just catches on fire” just like this whole album!

Dripping with sleaze, “She’s A Dirty Love” rocks. It sparks the reminding of another song. Maybe Quiet Riot. Maybe Helix. Can’t put a finger on it. We encounter some slower fare with “Your Love (Is All I Need)”. A downside in my mind but still some nice guitar work. 

From the barreling catchiness of “Medusa” to the down and dirty grooves of “Talk About Love” to the relentless grind of “She’s The One”, Swallow plays well. Again, and again and again…


With five of the eleven compositions over the five-minute mark and nothing under four, there’s no shortage of rock on Burnt Out Wreck‘s Swallow.

Swallow became available in February thanks to Cherry Red Records and I say go get it now! I would be surprised if this didn’t wind up in my top ten of 2017. It’s certainly a contender!

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