CANEDY release cover song from upcoming THE GODZ tribute album

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CanedyCANEDY, the solo band of THE RODS/ST. JAMES drummer and producer Carl Canedy have released “Gotta Keep A Runnin“, a cover song from the legendary US rock band THE GODZ which will be included as part of an upcoming tribute album.

Joining Carl in the recording of the song were guitarist Allen Van Wert, vocalist Tony Garuba, and bassist C. Raines.

Carl Canedy has checked in with the following comment:

Canedy being asked to record a song for a The Godz tribute CD was quite an honor. The Godz were a band I was well aware of so it was easy to say yes. I invited Tony Garuba (the bassist in Canedy) to sing the song and tapped Allen Van Wert for guitars.The bassist has asked to remain anonymous (I’m sure many of you would know his name). Of course, I’m playing drums. We had a ton of fun punching up this ’70’s classic. Allen and I worked well together on creating a slightly more high energy version of the original. I wanted it to be in your face, the way I remembered the band to be when I first heard them. Tony killed it on vocals. He and I sang quick back-ups and I even added hand claps to Allen’s breakdown section. Allen’s solo and Tony’s vocals are pretty amazing on this song. I was so happy at how the song turned out I’m releasing it on our own, via iTunes, Amazon and all digital outlets.

Guitarist Allen Van Wert stated the following about the recording process:

Carl is easy to work with and we decided to remove the fluff from the song and modernize it a little bit. I composed a melodic expressive solo and a more experimental energetic shred one. We ended up going with the energetic one since internal reviewers thought it was a better fit in this case. For the solo used, It was the first time since my own debut guitar album that I revisited my robot tapping technique and tone. When I listen back, if what I played is sounding like a slot machine going off, I start getting excited. I had to break out my 90s rig to get my signature tone happening. For the rhythm guitar stuff, I went with my instinct and just jammed my own way. Carl threw in some new drum fills so I went back and put some melody to his drum hits. I’m able to pick as fast as this skilled drummer can play, so I like to match that in musical ways during fills. Usually in a staccato way that doesn’t step on toes but enhances the musical statement or event.

Vocalist Tony Garuba also provided the following comment:

“I was excited and honored to be asked by Carl Canedy to sing on this tribute to The Godz. As a kid, I was a fan of the band. Playing with Carl Canedy is a treat and having him produce my vocals was awesome.

In other news, Canedy has completed the recording of six new original songs for their 2nd album to be released sometime in 2017.

Canedy band line-up

Carl Canedy (drums)
Tony Garuba (bass
Charles Rocello (Guitars)
Mike Crow (Vocals).

BUY: Gotta Keep A Runnin

Official Canedy Facebook page


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