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Category: Episode


Episode 63 – Jeff Duncan

When we did our Library of Loud episode in September, our special guest that week was Tales from the Stage author Michael Toney. During that


Episode 61 – Toby Wright

Sometimes, things are better the second time around. Such was the case in the circumstances that led up to the making of this episode. Multi-platinum,


Episode 60 – The Wright to Rock

We were all set to release a very big interview-based episode this week with producer/engineer extraordinaire Toby Wright until we discovered that the week of


Episode 59 – Hostile Hoser Hijack

This is not a test! We have “jammed the transmission” and taken over the Decibel Geek Podcast. Consider this the Hostile Hoser Hijack as this


Episode 58 – Top 5 Drinking Songs

Few things are more synonymous with Rock and Roll than drinking. Like peanut butter needs jelly or carrots need peas, Rock and Roll tends to