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Category: In Conversation


Episode 61 – Toby Wright

Sometimes, things are better the second time around. Such was the case in the circumstances that led up to the making of this episode. Multi-platinum,


Episode 50 – Bruce Kulick

This week, the Decibel Geek podcast hits a milestone with Episode 50 and we are thrilled to celebrate it by sharing a recent in-person conversation


Episode 48 – Whitfield Crane

It’s no secret to fans of the Decibel Geek Podcast that we, especially Aaron Camaro, have a great affinity for Ugly Kid Joe. Born out


Episode 36 – M&M with Bill Hale

While we don’t typically delve deep into thrash territory on the Decibel Geek podcast, 2 bands that came out of California in the early to


Episode 34 – Jack Russell

Jack Russel of Great White joins us this week to discuss a career that has spanned the highs, lows, and everything in-between. Last week was


Episode 21 – Eddie Trunk

We’re very excited to bring you this week’s episode. Today, we give you our recent conversation with Eddie Trunk. Mostly known from That Metal Show