CHAOS OVER COSMOS – Chaos Over Cosmos EP (News)

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Chaos Over CosmosBeing multi-national in the most literal way possible, Chaos Over Cosmos have released their latest effort, a self-titled EP following up their debut The UnknownVoyage. The Decibel Geek review of the album can be viewed here.

Originally, Chaos Over Cosmos consisted of two guys who had never met. Rafal Bowman from Poland connected with Javier Calderon from Spain over the internet and using the wonders of modern technology they produced their great debut album. Rafal provided the guitars, synths and programming whilst Calderon brought his excellent vocals to the party.

The Unknown Voyage was a triumph of modern prog rock with long tracks full of soaring solos, keen instrumentals and powerful vocals.

Sadly, the union between Rafal and Javier was destined not to last. Calderon decided to leave the band (if you can indeed leave a band who have never met) leaving Bowman to search for a replacement.

Bowman asked Australian vocalist Joshua Ratcliff to join the project after hearing his vocals on the debut album, Voices, of his band ResurgenceRafal was impressed by the lyrical content and Joshua‘s hard rock/metal vocal style on the album.

As with many bands, the addition of a new vocalist brings a whole new, different dimension to proceedings and the latest incarnation of Chaos Over Cosmos is no different.

Whilst maintaining a bit of a prog feel, Chaos Over Cosmos v2.0 definitely has a more metal edge. With Ratcliff‘s vocal style and songwriting additions, the band has taken a darker turn, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

The influences are still sci-fi based, as The Unknown Voyage was, and in particular the final track of the 3 on the EP, the instrumental “Asimov”, which is inspired by legendary sci-fi writer, Isaac Asimov.

The remaining tracks on Chaos Over Cosmos are full-blown vocal affairs, in “Cascading Darkness” and Consumed”.

Josh Ratcliff has also, interestingly, provided the artwork for the EP. Clever guy.

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