Craig Goldy Defends Holo Dio Tour

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The HoloDio is officially on tour and there are at least a few naysayers.  Don de Leaumont of elegantly named The Great Southern Brainfart made a Facebook post on December 10 suggesting that Craig “put an end to this shitshow,” to which the guitarist responded with: “You’ve missed the whole point. It’s your way that disrespects Ronnie, and you think it’s what I’m doing that disrespects Ronnie.”

Grab some popcorn.  The exchange continues;

Don:  Craig, my name’s Don by the way and you feel like I am disrepsecting Ronnie for wanting to keep his legacy intact instead of dragged through the mud? This is what I don’t understand. If we’re against it, we’re disrespecting him but if we’re for it, we are champions of Dio? It’s you who are disrespecting Ronnie. It wasn’t enough for you guys to do Dio Disciples was it? I mean, even though I didn’t love that idea, I respected you guys for keeping the music alive and bringing it to the fans but this Hologram? This is just taking things into such an unexcusable direction that if even you can’t see how tasteless this is then there’s no hope for you. You are getting a fat ass paycheck from Wendy for this so of course you’re going sing it’s praises.


Craig:  once again…’ve missed the whole point……it’s your WAY that disrespects Ronnie….and you think it’s what I’m doing that disrespects Ronnie… the paycheck part… obviously don’t read the comments in full…..I am always out of pocket on these things, and have plenty of other projects going on with big names who are alive!!! But I said you are better than this…..meaning that you have every right to your opinion….but you don’t have to sink so low and hit so low below the belt that if this were a boxing match you’d be disqualified!!

You gotta love the “other projects with big names who are alive” comeback.
Whether this is a way to avoid fostering the next wave of rack stars or just something for the morbidly curious, the HoloDio will be coming to a town near you.  Allegedly.  Enjoy some video.


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