Creep – Innerland (Album Review)

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Creep InnerlandCreep are a band from Italy, formed in 2007 and currently consist of Raffaele Pilotti (vocals), Federico Conti (guitar, vocals), Francesco Placucci (guitar), Jonathan Montalti (bass), and Fabrizio Cilindro (drums). Innerland is the second album from the Italian metalcore outfit, the follow-up to 2010’s effort Beast in the Portrait and was released on Sliptrick Records  December 4, 2015.

“Evil Resides”, the opening track, is a real great start to the album which makes you sit up and get excited about what’s to come. I love the sound and the raw vocals. “Time Frame” has a great sound a little like early Biohazard to me. “Razorblade” is similar although I don’t get the chorus, I feel that it sounds out of place. The next two tracks, “The Ire of Fire” and “Redemption”, are in the same vein more sounding a lot like old hardcore with some metalcore type choruses. “Never Defeated” is a weak ballad but “Forsaken” wakes you up again getting back to great riffs. I really enjoy the vocals on this track. Onto “A Lonely Star” and it’s follow-up “Sephirot” which are both great songs, but again I am struggling when it comes to the breakdown. “Self-Destruction and Stepping Stones” is a step up and most probably my favourite song from Innerland. I love the riffs in this great heavy song. “Out of Darkness” and “Red” finish the twelve song collection of Creep‘s Innerland off nicely. I like the sound that Creep are trying to achieve. They have great musicians and a strong vocalist but it’s the song structure that needs to be worked on and strengthened, especially the choruses, but that’s just my opinion. If I was to suggest Creep‘s Innerland to someone I would say it’s definitely worth a listen for those that like Biohazard and Machine Head at a push.

Mark 6.5 out of 10.


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