CROSSON – Invincible (Album Review)

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The sound you hear is the roar of astonishment when I heard this record.  I admit it, I had never heard of Crosson until now, but I will make myself more familiar very soon.  The band are Australian and are described as “Futuristic Theatrical Rock Warriors.

They were formed in 2004 in Sydney. The band consists of lead singer Crosson (who also plays guitar), femme fatal Babylon and the temptress Medusa, backed up by a fantastic band. They have released three previous albums, Head of Earth, We are the Future and Spreading the Rock n Roll DiseaseInvincible is set for release at the end of April on Metalpolis Records.


CROSSON – Invincible

The album was mixed by legendary producer Duane Baron (Motley Crue, Alice Cooper) and mastered by Dave Donnelly (Aerosmith, KISS, Whitesnake). Invincible delivers in terms of sound and attitude.

The record gets under your skin, like a time bomb ready to blow (nod to AC/DC‘s “Shoot To Thrill“, but appropriate).  It is catchy as it gets and leaves you with mega earworms burrowing into your brain.  From the cocky assurance of “Rock Warriors” to the ballsy “Rebel Train“, Crosson are firing on all cylinders.

The sound of this band is as fresh as it comes.  They have fantastic melodies, harmonies and cool keyboard backing.  The guitar work is pretty slick too, very Eighties in essence, but bang up to date.  This is the ultimate driving album, passing the Coxy test with room to spare (ie. does it make me want to drive faster).

Crosson have a great style (futuristic pirates) and it reminds me of how Rogue Male from the UK looked in the early Eighties.  Combine this with the strong songs and driving rock and they are a shoe-in for greater things very soon.

It may not be the most original release this year, but it is certainly one of the most fun!  Rock will never die whilst there are bands like Crosson who provide it with a fresh take.  Rock on!

Buy: Invincible

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