DEBAUCHERY VS. BLOOD GOD – Thunderbeast (Album Review)

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debauchery_THUNDERBEASTCover_MASCD0940I wasn’t sure what to expect in opening up and playing DEBAUCHERY VS. BLOOD GOD‘s Thunderbeast record. The album is due out September 9, 2016, in North American markets (already out in Europe) from Massacre Records. Well, let’s be honest, with a name like that coupled with the album artwork I had a pre-conceived notion that it would not be my flavor. Still, I clicked “play” anyway. It was not as offensively horrible as I had suspected.

The opening track contained some catchy, heavy guitar riffs, but I did not particularly take to the vocal style. Not a fan personally of the guttural unclean vocal style, I usually can’t make out a word being said. While the vocals here were definitely lower register and very growly, it was more of a gruff tone. I could understand a decent portion of them, but that doesn’t mean I liked it. No offense to those who enjoy this style and as I said it’s better than most, but I just can’t grasp the death metal genre personally. The strength and hookiness of the hard rock riffage drove me to continue listening despite the awful vocals. I’m glad that I did.

The CD sort of blended into the background after awhile until it got halfway through. Track 15 (yes, apparently it’s a long album) sounded familiar. A great riff again catching my attention, but this time, the vocals were cleaner and clearer. The track was actually “Crusaders of God” that had appeared earlier in this album with the death metal spin. This different recording with clean, understandable vocals was enjoyable! The next three songs, “Bullet to the Head”, “City of Bones”, and “Vampire Holocaust” were the same.

At first, I didn’t quite understand what was happening here, but I’ve done some quick research. It turns out that death metal band Debauchery has a side project under the moniker of Blood God. The entire second half of the album, tracks 15-28, contains re-records under the Blood God realm. For some reason, the second half has a different running order than the first, but it provides a decently fun listen! With an AC/DC simplicity to the tracks, these are some good fist-pumping, open highway, pedal to the metal driving tunes.

The press release (that I finally decided to read once the second half of Thunderbeast had finished) states: DEBAUCHERY has always been unique. Those who couldn’t or wouldn’t accept and understand it, were kindly asked to fuck off. There’s one thing the band offers for everyone who’s still there: Death Metal straight in your face!” No problem, I happily choose “to fuck off”! BLOOD GOD is the Heavy Metal/Hard Rock offshoot of DEBAUCHERY. Judas Priest, Accept, Iron Maiden, Motörhead, AC/DC – these bands were the reason why the Blood Gods started playing music. BLOOD GOD have a DEBAUCHERY feel to them, but everything’s still a bit more different: a little bit more Heavy Metal and a lot more Rock ‚n‘ Roll.” Perfect, much more my style!

My favorite cut is “City of Bones”…the constant pummelling riff is great when running on the treadmill at the gym. Another catchy cut is “Girl to Adore” which I found myself hearing inside my head long after listening. I chuckle during “Vampire Holocaust” as considering the German accent it seems they’re singing “Wampire”…lol. Also comical is the lyrically cheesy “Super Hot Vampire Lady” which you can sample below.

Check out this album if you have a chance…just throw the first half away.

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