DeciBytes Vol. 2

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DecibytesIn this DeciBytes for Decibel Geek, we have videos, videos and more videos. It is a great medium to become acquainted with unfamiliar bands or to check out new music from your favorites. Discover recent releases from Anticlockwise, Nightrage, Demon Head and Airbourne. Hear something you like? Be sure to use the links below each story to purchase a copy of their latest albums for yourself!



Anticlockwise have released the official music video for their brand new song “Raise your Head” from their second album of the same name. Anticlockwise can be described as a mixture of thrash metal with a little hint of progressive, especially in the tempo-schemes.


Claudio Brembati – Vocals
Pietro “Pacio” Baggi – Guitars
Michele Locatelli – Bass
Daniele Gotti – Drums

BUY: Raise Your Head

Anticlockwise Facebook




Swedish metal masters NIGHTRAGE have released the video for their new single, “In Abhorrence” and have teamed up with Amps & Green Screens for the premiere.

“In Abhorrence” is pulled from the band’s upcoming album, The Venomous, out March 31st via Despotz Records.

Regarding the track, NIGHTRAGE founder / guitarist Marios Iliopoulos says, “‘In Abhorrence’ is one of the first songs that Magnus (Soderman, guitarist) and I wrote together from scratch and ended up being one of the best and most energetic songs on the album.It was, in a way, our introduction to this new songwriting collaboration. The lyrical theme of the song handles the fact that every step of the way in our human evolution has lead us closer to our own doom. And when all hope is finally gone, all we can do is wait for it all to end.”

NIGHTRAGE was formed in 2000 by Iliiopoulous and his close friend Gus G., who departed in 2006, and have released six albums to date, with The Venomous being the band’s sophomore effort for Despotz.

Buy: The Venomous

Nightrage website Nightrage Facebook Nightrage Twitter Nightrage YouTube Nightrage Instagram




“HIC SVNT DRACONES” is a heavy anthem with a burning drive. The song is about throwing off the shackles that wear us down, daring to go were the maps have white spots. Follow the sinister leads and groove to a place between borderland and underworld…

Demon Head got the “Fenriz band of the week” approval in January 2017 with the release of the band’s first single “Gallows Omen” from the upcoming album Thunder On The Fields. Demon Head will tour UK, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and mainland Europe upon the release.

BUY: Thunder On The Fields

Demon Head Facebook

Watch “HIC SVNT DRACONES” video here:




AIRBOURNE have revealed a rip-roaring video for “It’s All For Rock N’ Roll”, the climactic track on their current studio album, Breakin’ Outta Hell – their first for Spinefarm Records.

“It’s All For Rock N’ Roll” was written about Lemmy, a man the band looked up to, befriended and loved, having shared stages with Motörhead on numerous occasions over their decade-plus career, both in Europe and Australia. When they needed someone to drive a large truck (recklessly, of course) in their “Runnin’ Wild” video (2007), Lemmy was the first name on the list, and he duly obliged with a memorable, authority-baitin’ cameo.

Motörhead’s famous “bomber” lighting rig, a noted part of ‘Head history since the late ’70s, was enthusiastically lent to Airbourne by the Motörhead camp, adding real emotional weight to both the “It’s All For Rock N’ Roll” clip and the song itself – an anthemic number recorded to honour one of rock’s most revered and influential figures, and also to celebrate the hard rock genre as a whole, the loyalty and the legacy.

When Motörhead played, Lemmy was there for the fans and the fans were there for him. It didn’t matter what was happening in the world at that point, because Motörhead was onstage; the crew had everything dialled in, and the crowd were there and lovin’ it – all for rock n’ roll,” said Airbourne frontman Joel O’Keeffe. “Whenever we were on tour, we looked forward to seeing the festival posters with the big Motörhead logo on there, and now there’s just a big black hole. ‘We are Motörhead, and we play rock ‘n’ roll,’ we were so used to hearing that, and when it’s not there anymore, it hits you hard. Lemmy meant so much to us, and so much to rock ‘n’ roll itself…


Airbourne will play at the Download Festival this June, taking to the main stage for the first time.

Loose Cannon reviewed Breakin’ Outta Hell for Decibel Geek so take a look at that here.

BUY: Breakin’ Outta Hell

Airbourne  website Airbourne FacebookAirbourne Twitter / Airbourne YouTube


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