EDGUY Live at Sweden Rock Festival 2017

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Edguy Sweden Rock 2017Sweden Rock Festival, the greatest festival in the world, always has so many bands that I personally want to see each year. Even though it is only my second year going, you can look at the past lineups and see why it is the best festival around.

Last year I saw some bands I never thought I would see. This year, maybe not as many bucket-listers, but one band sits on the top for me this year. Seeing Avantasia was amazing last year but this year, lead singer Tobias from Avantasia is back with his band Edguy. I know they have played in North America but at that time I had no clue about all these amazing European bands.

Edguy started out in 1992 with their first album coming out in 1997. Through all these years Tobias has kept Edguy going along with Avantasia.

Edguy Sweden Rock 2017Edguy, celebrating 25 years, and playing on the Rock Stage, started their set right after Aerosmith finished on the main Festival Stage. You can “almost,” say Aerosmith opened up for Edguy. With the rain holding off for most of the day, it didn’t take long for that to change while Edguy played. They started their set after midnight with “Love Tyger”. With lots of fire eruptions throughout the song and fireworks in the sky, it got the crowd into the show right from the start. No cold or rain is going to stop the Edguy fans from enjoying the show.

They played a variety of hits from their first album to their latest, Space Police.  Hearing some of these songs I have loved only in the last few years brought tears of joy to my eyes. I was hoping that the rain would let up, but no. It didn’t really matter. I was so excited jumping and singing along to songs like “Tears Of Mandrake”, “Babylon” and a couple of my favorite tracks, “Lavatory Love Machine”, “Super Heroes” and the night’s closer, “King Of Fools”.

One track they haven’t played in many years, maybe the fact that it is over 10 minutes was “The Piper Never Dies”. It was incredible hearing this live. It certainly didn’t feel over 10 minutes with the different styles throughout this track. Also, the first encore track “Out Of Control” was a crowd pleaser.

Tobias told the crowd he wanted to boost his ego as he split the crowd in half as everyone sang along. It lasted way too long in my opinion. I know I wasn’t the only one feeling that way. I am sure bands do this to give the band members a break. Of course, as fans, we thought we could have heard one or two extra songs.

Before doing the song “Save Me”, the band kicked into a verse of Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper”. Even though it sounded great, I was happy to break from this cover and get into more Edguy originals.

Overall, a great setlist and stage presence. Tobias is an overall complete entertainer as he kept plenty of people at the festival to battle the elements of the weather.

With their new greatest hits album coming out you will also get to hear new material. I was really hoping to hear “Ravenblack” the new single from the Monuments album.  Hopefully, North America will see Edguy on their new tour. If the fans in North America purchase the Monuments album we will get a better chance to hear these songs live.

Shawn “Animalize” Irwin

BUY: Monuments

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Set List

Love Tyger
Vain Glory Opera
Tears of a Mandrake
The Piper Never Dies [First time since September 2010]
Lavatory Love Machine
Land of the Miracle
Ministry of Saints
The Trooper [first verse and refrain]
Save Me
Out of Control
King of Fools

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