ELECTRIC GUITARS – Rock N’ Roll Radio (Album Review)


Electric Guitars - Rock n' Roll Radio - Decibel GeekSo back in 2016, Tommy Lee told me that I didn’t have an open mind, actually, his exact words to me were “keep that mind closed bro!!”. Now his comment was directed at me because I made some disparaging comments about one of his techno, house music DJ compositions. Sorry Tommy, peace and love and if it moves you then enjoy but for me personally it’s all about rock n’ roll and electric guitars! That’s right I said Electric Guitars! So I have decided that in 2017, I will be making a concerted effort to open my mind to a plethora of new music from new artists or artists that eluded my radar. So I reached inside the Decibel Geek‘s bag of tricks and the first band I pulled out goes by the name of Electric Guitars! No shit, and the name of their forthcoming album? Rock N’ Roll Radio. NICE!

Music for me has the power to literally take me away, a solid riff or hook and the dopamine surge can make me forget my surroundings. This can be embarrassing when I suddenly start rocking out in public spaces like the bus, but life is too short to worry about dancing in the rain. Hard, melodic rock is usually the fastest way to my heart and when the vocals kicked in on the title track “Rock n Roll Radio” I was high on music. With a chorus that sings “I need more rock n roll on the radio, turn it up now let it overload”, loud crunchy guitars and dripping with melody, I was hooked fast and hard. Let’s rock!

Who are Electric Guitars? I asked myself as the second song “False Flag Operation” blasted out of my speakers sounding something like a cross between Judas Priest‘s “Diamonds & Rust” and Salty Dog‘s “Cat’s Got Nine” but amped up on speed. It was hard to read through the albums promotional bio as I kept having pause and air guitar or sing along. Good thing I am not on the bus, two tracks in and they are batting 1000.

Electric Guitars - Rock n' Roll Radio - Decibel GeekElectric Guitars hail from Denmark and is the creation of guitarists/vocalists, Søren Andersen and Mika Vandborg. Rounded out with bassist, Peter Kjøbsted and drummer Morten Hellborn it turns out that Rock N’ Roll Radio is the third album from Electric Guitars but the first to have D.A.D.‘s Jacob Binzer in the production chair. As the story goes, Søren filled in on bass for D.A.D. while their bassist was sidelined with a broken arm and friendships forged. Jacob not only produced the record but also joined in along with his brother Jesper to guest on the third track “Headless Chicken”. A reckless rocker dripping with a punky attitude and huge sing-along chorus, “Running around like a headless chicken”! Definitely the most intense tune on the record.

Rock n’ Roll Radio is filled with solid, hard rock n’ roll music with more hooks than deep sea fishing troller. Electric Guitars are here to entertain and forget about life for a while. Isn’t that what rock n’ roll is supposed to be? Moving farther into the playlist “Splinter”, “Bambi On Ice”, the almost Thin Lizzy-ish “Lucy Glow” and “Stay Under The Radar” are a few of the other highlights on the album that will see the light of day, February 10th, 2017. If you dig melodic rock, be sure to check this out.

In a world filled with bad news and political chaos, a fun rock n’ roll record is a much-loved distraction. Had this been released in 2016, it would have easily made my top 5 for the year, it will be interesting to see how it ranks come December. As of right now, it sits squarely at number one, it truly is that much fun!



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