FREEDOM CALL – Master Of Light (Album Review)

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Freedom Call Master of LightMaster Of Light is the 9th studio album by German power metal titans Freedom Call, so they’ve had plenty of time to perfect their art and I can report that they have done just that.

Out on Steamhammer Records, it certainly does not claim to have reinvented the wheel but it is a triumph of power metal at its best.

Power metal is often described as symphonic with uplifting lyrics and Freedom Call fit the bill totally.

To me, they are Manowar‘s happy cousin. Yes, there are calls to arms for metal fans and songs of dragons, Gods, and warfare. It is just that they deliver it all with a cheerier outlook. And less blood. And death.

They love gang vocals, chanting lyrics and thumping beats. What’s not to like?

Drummer Ramy Ali pounds the skins in frenetic fashion keeping the band in line along with teammate Ilker Ersin on bass.

Guitarist Lars Rettkowitz adds depth and melody with racing riffs and crisp, concise solos, with a little help from Chris Bay, who also provides the powerful vocals to fulfill the power metal requirement.

freedom call band_2Master Of Light has it all, from hailing the genre in “Metal Is For Everyone”, to the fantasy of “Masters Of Light”, to the ballad of “Cradle Of Angels” and back again.

Everything they do on this album is absolutely spot on. If you want pure metal, try “Hail The Legend”; if you want the hair to stand up on the back your neck try “Emerald Skies”, and if you simply want to throw your fist into the air in triumph and glory, put on “High Up”.

Master Of Light is most definitely an uplifting album which will have you singing along with it at the top of your voice. What’s more, you won’t give a damn who hears you because you will feel magnificent.




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