Fritz-Fest (Photo Gallery)

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Fritz-Fest (Friday January 18th 2019 London Ontario – Eastside Bar & Grill)

When I first heard of Fritz-Fest, I wanted to be part of it. My sister lives in London and I knew it would sell out quickly so I asked her to stop by the venue and pick up a couple tickets. Luckily we got two of the last three as in fact it did sell out immediately. Eventually we came across another ticket from a buddy that could not make it and the three of us ventured down to the cozy confines of the Eastside Bar & Grill in London Ontario. It was going to be a great night!

The reason for the show was to raise money through silent and live auctions to help support Greg “Fritz” Heinz the drummer of Helix who suffered a serious fall in November.

Helping support the cause by rocking the stage this night were Helix, Killer Dwarfs and Syre.

In between the sets were live auctions with many bidding wars reaching $1000. My $10 dollar bid on a Prism tee-shirt was eventually sold for close to $100 and this rang true for the many donated items from the likes of Lee Aaron, Darby Mills, Goddo, Prism, Sean Kelly and Darrell Miller of the Dwarfs and many more.

Syre opened the show with an energetic set that was an absolute gem. Next up was the Killer Dwarfs – always a crowd favourite.  Russ, Darryl, Gerry and Johnny had the crowd on its feet.

Headlining the show (of course) was Helix. I have seen Helix more than any other band in my life starting in way back in 1979 and this night was no exception. The current lineup since 2014, consisting of Brian Vollmer, Daryl Gray, Greg “Fritz” Heinz, Kaleb “Duckman” Duck and Chris Julke, is one of the best line ups they’ve had since the original 80’s one. Filling in for Fritz this night (and until Greg is able to return) is Jamie Constant from Syre.

It was an incredible night with great friends that I was pleased to be a part of.

This night “Jesus was loved in his hometown.

Here are some picture of the action that took place, enjoy!!




Killer Dwarfs


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