FRONTIERS ROCK FESTIVAL IV Milan, Italy Day 2 (Festival Report)

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Frontiers Rock Festival IVFor the 4th year in a row, Frontiers Records organized a musical marathon in Milan with quite some famous 80’s bands but they also offered new upcoming bands a chance on the bill. It’s clear that this festival is getting more popular among the European rock fans because we meet people from all over Europe. Our home for this 2-days AOR melodic & hard rock event is the beautiful Live Music Club in Trezzo sull’Adda with a perfect set-up and acoustics. No wonder it’s on top of the list of Italy’s best live venues. Here is my account of Day 2 of Frontiers Rock Festival IV. For Day 1 please go HERE.

Frontiers Rock Festival IV Day 2 – SUNDAY


Cruzh Frontiers Rock Festival IVThe Swedish band Cruzh (pronounced “Crasc”) kicked off the second day. Honestly, we are not very impressed by this basic melodic rock band with AOR 80’s influences, although everything was played correctly, no remarks about that. But then again being the opener on the second day of this festival is never easy and they do get their portion of attention by the AOR lovers in the audience.


  • Hard to Get
  • Before I Walk Alone
  • Survive
  • In n’ Out of Love
  • First Cruzh
  • Set Me Free
  • Aim for the Head



Started as a project by Stefano Lionetti these Italians are on the right track of being a real band. We don’t have a lot of Italian bands in this music genre but together with a Swedish singer like Lars Safsund, they deserve their place in the world of AOR/melodic rock. From the very first song, we notice the remarkable vocal capacities of Lars. The applause of the early public speaks for itself. Check out Decibel Geek‘s Lionville Album Review.

Lionville Frontiers Rock Festival IVSetlist:

  • I Will Wait
  • Here By My Side
  • A World Of Fools
  • All We Need
  • Show Me The Love
  • No Turnin’ Back
  • Power Of My Dreams
  • Bring Me Back Our Love
  • With You


As I was already afraid of, it’s not going to be easy to match the high musical level of yesterday. But today is a day that Frontiers is giving their new young bands a chance to be in the picture so we have to be a little bit less critical than yesterday. The audience is definitely very supportive as with each band they are all present inside to see the bands. Up to the next one!

Adrenaline Rush

Returning for the second time to Frontiers, the band around the glamorous blond singer Tave Wanning opens powerful with the song “Adrenaline”. For the first time today we get to hear some more heavy sounds which are in line with their new album. It is obvious that Tave is the center of attention and we are missing a little bit of “band feeling”. But they are still growing so with the necessary live experience they will certainly earn their spot. Adrenaline Rush Soul Survivor Album Review.

Adrenaline Rush Frontiers Rock Festival IVSetlist:

  • Adrenaline
  • Love Like Poison
  • Shock Me
  • Change
  • Generation Left Behind
  • Break The Silence
  • My Life
  • Sinner
  • Girls Gone Wild


Kee Marcello

Even before Kee sings his first note he’s welcomed by the public with a standing ovation. Most people are waiting for the Europe songs although he had a quite impressive solo career too which we get presented during this 1h set. With Darby Todd on drums and Ken Sandin on bass, Kee surrounds himself with a strong rhythm section. The audience explodes when they hear the probably most recognizable intro in history, it’s time for “The Final Countdown”Decibel Geek’s Scaling Up Album Review.

Kee Marcello Frontiers Rock Festival IVSetlist:

  • Soldier Down
  • More Than Meets the Eye
  • Girl From Lebanon
  • Scaling Up
  • Get On Top
  • Don’t Miss You Much
  • Tower’s Calling
  • Black Hole Star
  • We Go Rockin’
  • Superstitious
  • The Final Countdown


Unruly Child

Time for some rock-oriented cult with the eccentric Marcie Free on lead vocals, formerly known as Mark Free. That transformation definitely contributed to the success of the band. Eye-catching it is for sure and the crowd keeps chanting her name when she comes on stage. Again we celebrate a 25th anniversary so they start with a few songs from their debut album, followed by a series of hits and the obvious song “This Is Who I Am” from the latest album. We are living in a digital era so Marcie brought her laptop onstage to add some special sound effects, rather weird to see a singer working with it in front of the public, but no one seemed to be bothered by it. The crowd was full of joy by the end.

Unruly Child Frontiers Rock Festival IVSetlist:

  • Wind Me Up
  • Lay Down Your Arms
  • Take Me Down Nasty
  • Let’s Talk About Love
  • Is it Over
  • On the Rise
  • Tunnel of Love
  • To Be Your Everything
  • Long Air Woman
  • Forever
  • This Is Who I Am
  • When Love is Gone
  • Who Cries Now



Headliner of the day where we all have been waiting for I think… The reunion of Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns was a surprise for many but with all the different line-ups we had the past years, maybe this was an inevitable get-back-together. A direct hit, that’s for sure! They immediately set the whole place on fire together with the charismatic Michael Grant on guitar, as we all know, he doesn’t need any lessons how to be the ultimate onstage performer! Johnny Martin and Shane Fitzgibbon are new in this line-up but nothing indicates that they are not part of the band already from the beginning. Phil is in really good shape and the show is spectacular from start to end. Tracii gets a lot of solo moments and a lot of attention from Phil, the boys are back… When it’s time for “The ballad Jayne” the entire audience takes over the singing under the grateful eye of Phil, wearing his Mötorhead jacket in honor of Lemmy. Beside the old classic highlights we also get a glimpse of their new album, the song “Speed” sounds very promising and makes us curious for more! Some Decibel Geekers caught this reunion in Toronto recently as well: LA GUNS LIVE

LA Guns Frontiers Rock Festival


  • No Mercy
  • Electric Gypsy
  • Killing Machine
  • Over the Edge
  • Bitch Is Back
  • Sex Action
  • Speed
  • One More Reason
  • Kiss My Love Goodbye
  • Don’t Look at Me That Way
  • Malaria
  • Never Enough
  • Jelly Jam
  • The Ballad of Jayne
  • Rip and Tear



With a half hour delay (first time this weekend) the final headliner of this festival is taking the stage in an almost silent religious way. We have to make a little click after the performance of LA Guns who was for many the real headliner of today (including myself). But we cannot compare these 2 bands so these Norwegians deserve this spot on the bill. Under big enthusiasm of the public, we mainly get to hear songs from their album Tell No Tales which celebrates its 30th anniversary, combined with some of their newer stuff. Tony Harnell’s voice isn’t perfect tonight, but with the support of fantastic musicians and an audience that is singing along every song from start to the end, they are a worthy closing band of Frontiers Rock Festival. And this is something that surprised me during this entire weekend. From the unknown opening bands to the very last headliner, the audience was very supportive for each one of them. Respect!

TNT Frontiers Rock Festival IVSetlist:

  • Give Me a Sign
  • As Far as the Eye Can See
  • She Needs Me
  • Desperate Night
  • Invisible Noise
  • Child’s Play
  • Guitar solo
  • Forever Shine On
  • Northern Lights
  • Tonight I’m Falling
  • Intuition
  • Downhill Racer
  • Seven Seas
  • Listen to Your Heart
  • 10000 Lovers (In One)
  • Everyone’s a Star


We can finish this weekend with a very satisfied feeling. Frontiers Rock Festival is really a must for the 80’s hard rock/AOR/melodic rock fanatic. A great venue, perfect organization and a line-up of both famous and beginning bands. The crowd was extremely supportive and it makes you feel “home”, we found another festival where everyone is just one big rock family!

My Photo Galleries From Day 2: ADRENALINE RUSH / L.A. GUNS / More to Follow Soon


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