FRONTLINE – Cold World (Album Review)

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Frontline Cold World

Guitarist / singer / songwriter Jason Delismon put together Chicago based modern rock act Frontline after leaving his former band, A.D.D. (for whom he was the drummer) when his initial idea for a solo project grew legs and began adding members after writing sessions with guitarist, Mike Nowak.

The quintet became a fully working entity in January 2016 and began hitting the local club scene just shy of a year later, after working through all the necessary kinks and endless rehearsals in order to get things just right. Acceptance was swift and measured and Delismon knew that following through with a full band was the right idea.

Entering Chicago’s AMG Studios in February 2016, the band spent six solid months working on Cold World with producer Mike Brezen.

This is a band that is new to me which is always interesting not knowing what to expect. So this will be fun.

So the album starts with “Follow” and it is an interesting opener with melodic choruses and lovely sing along parts with some lovely drumming. I feel the guitars are lost in the mix a little. “Cold World” is next and it’s a slower track but with some great lyrics for a solid song.

“Beautiful” is a ballad, a lovely love song that could easily be a hit. Next “Calling” is much more up tempo rock sound sounding a little like 3 Doors Down is the nearest I can compare it.

“Changes” is another well-written song plenty of easily related lyrics with a nice solo to boot. “Angel” has a lovely guitar opening and another soulful heartfelt song passes by.

“Don’t Misunderstand Me” finally I get what I was expecting. A real meaty riff kicks in and I am really paying attention now a great song with lovely harmony on the choruses. I really like this song. “Falling for You” is another good rock song which is well put together. We finish the album with “Cold World (reprised)” which is a nice version of the song.

On the whole this is average at best, I was expecting so much more. If, like me, you might have been expecting another Frontline (the melodic rock band) you may be disappointed. If you like basic rock this may be for you. I don’t like to be too negative, but it’s just not for me, sorry.

Mark 5 out of 10

Colin “Starchild” Francis


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