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Grimner are a Folk Metal band.  They were formed in 2008 in the Swedish town Motala by lead guitarist and vocalist Ted, together with the drummer Henry. Throughout the years, Grimner has grown to a strong group of six members.

Their first demo A Call For Battle (2010) was sung in English, but the group became decided to record in their native tongue of Swedish. As time has progressed, Grimner has steadily made a name for themselves. The highlight has been tour support for the legendary Korpiklaani during their shows in Sweden in 2015.

GRIMNER – Vanadrottning

Their third full length album, Vanadrottning is translated roughly as “Experienced Queen“.  It is an album of brilliant musicianship, allied to a power that has made household name of Amon Amarth.  There are some similarities, but Grimner have managed to make their vision more personal.  They sing in Swedish and make their songs small vignettes of the Viking history.

From the beginning of the record, the atmosphere of past times is evoked by flashes of flute and violin.  They kick open the barn door with the title track and you get drawn into this storm of sophisticated and powerful metal.  There are great scenes of battle conjured by the restless drumming and the slashing guitars.  However, this is not an album of one dimension.  In the grooves of songs such as “Dödens Dans” (ironically, translated as “Dance Of Death“), the music raises your spirits with its sheer energy.

I am a total sucker for Folk Metal. Bands such as Evergrey and Amorphis give me a great deal of delight with their life-affirming anthems.  I have no problem with songs being sung in Swedish, as the music gives me all the pictures I need.  The singing is gruff and growling, sometimes moving into cleaner waters (courtesy of new vocalist Martin “The Warrior”). However, the singing fits the music so well.  In addition, the guitar work is compelling by Ted “The Jari”.

Grimner Band

Final Thoughts

Overall, I loved this album, with it sheer ambition and power.  I live in the UK and grew up with European Metal, which means I am attuned to it.  If you haven’t had a chance to catch this band, now would be a great time to see how much imagination and purpose these types of group have.

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