GRUMPYNATORS – City Of Sin (Album Review)

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GrumpynatorsGrumpynators is a Danish band who have developed a rather unique style by use of a stand-up bass guitar, which drives the rockabilly metal sound to perfection.  This Danish four-piece is made up of Christian Nørgaard (Guitar), Emil Øelund (Guitar, Lead Vocals). Jakob Øelund (Double Bass) and Per Fisker (Drums).  Their sound is one part Tenpole Tudor to third parts Motorhead.

Signed to Mighty Music, City Of Sin is their second full-length record, following 2013’s Wonderland release.  They have a wonderful eccentric sound, allied to great riffs and an image that is immediately different, with Punk and Skinhead flavoring.

The album is like a great big party recorded in real time.  Each sonic slab is chock filled with snappy, catchy choruses that leave you with an energy drink high.  Not too much sugar, but loads of caffeine!

They pay their dues to legends such as Lemmy, with the opening track “Tears Of Whiskey” a none too subtle tribute to the Motorhead man.  I swear that these guys are the ‘Head for the new era and that they are taking the driving rock places others have only dreamed of.

The album belts along a dirt track of road tales and late nights, endless vignettes of pure power.  The songs bleed into one another, as the tempo never flags.  Propelling this tour bus is the fantastic drumming of Per Fisker, allied to the busy basslines of Øelund.  Highlights include the swing of “Hotel 2nd Age”, which merges rockabilly with a riff from the song “Motorhead“.  In addition, I love the lyrics from “Pretty Little Devil” (a very cool tune) which talk about a Raging Bull flashing them the sign (presumably the bird).

These guys have been on tour with Volbeat and it is easy to see why.  They have the tunes, the visuals and the groove to make them a big hit all over the world, with one of the greatest names ever – don’t be Grumpy, get to the City Of Sin soon!

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