Hardcore Superstar…Fetish Music For The Masses…

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Many of the bands that came out in the late 80s to mid 90s are either not together anymore or have wasted away into the land of “classic” rock land. We all know that place. That’s the place where we flip in the TV and hear “Here I Go” on Glee, or some other preppy style TV show. I recently started a music list of what I call “Fetish Music”. Yes, Fetish Music.

Fetish music is a playlist of songs I came up with. These songs are gritty, guitar driven tracks that put so much dirt in your ear, you gotta clean your ears like every five minutes. These are songs that make you bang your head and scream. And now added to the collection of “Fetish Music” is Hardcore Superstar.

Not sure how these guys got past me, but I’m kicking myself for not copping ANY groups releases sooner. This band is a mixture of classic Ratt, Hanoi Rocks with some Faster Pussycat, the glam of New York Dolls and black garb glitz of the Ramones. Yeah, they are that FUCKIN GOOD!!!!
The guys recently returned back on the scene with their new song,”Above the Law”, off their new release “C’mon Take On Me”, released back in Februrary of this year.  And this song KICKS ASS!!!! This is not a song you play for just mere enjoyment, YOU CRANK THIS S.O.B UP LOUD AND BANG YOUR HEAD TO THE BEAT!!! The guitar work of Vic Zino is quite impressive. Zinos playing on this song is reminiscent of late RATT N ROLLER Robin Crosby (RIP) with a touch of Slash thrown in for good measure. Joke Berg (vocals) is on fire. He’s got the flair of a young Tamie Down, only he doesn’t have the blonde hair(and neither does Tamie anymore). Bassist Martin Sandvic and drummer Adde definitely get the job done with their rhythm tag team section.
This song is definitely going to introduce the band to new fans like myself, and make the ears of die hard fans bleed with shivering, orgasmic ear shattering pleasure. These guys are pretty popular in Europe and Japan, and have a growing following here, but it should be bigger. If the rest of this album sounds like the first single, there’s gonna be a ton of ears turned out,trust me on this…I know what my next iTunes purchase is going to be….

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