HEART OF JORDAN – Heart Of Jordan (Album Review)

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Heart Of Jordan are a new band out of Michigan and they blow the doors off the Metalcore scene with their self-titled debut!

You scratch a Lottery ticket and win big time, or you survive a huge change.  Life gives you surprises that really make you glad to be alive.  I was thinking that I couldn’t love another album as much as something like the latest Beartooth record, when along comes my new favorite collection of 2018.

I am unashamedly a Metalcore fan.  From Unearth to Killswitch Engage to Beartooth. Heart Of Jordan now also sit on my Mount Rushmore of Metal (as Jamey Jasta would say).  They have it all – the killer tunes, the emotional input and the cool look.  They take their cue from Metalcore stalwarts such as As I Lay Dying and inject a huge amount of heart(sic).

Heart Of Jordan are comprised of Preston Mailand on vocals, Eric TenEyck on guitar, Elijah White on guitar, Daniel Ray Fell Jr. on bass and Andrew Everett on drums.

HEART OF JORDAN – Heart Of Jordan

Heart Of Jordan is stuffed full of songs that surprise with their intricate melodies and physicality.  The guitars wrap their necks around your ear drums and dance tangos on your troubled souls.  The bass work is complex, but melodious and the drums weave magic around the musical framework.

The album bounces out of the gate with  “Throne Alone“.  Mailand growls a welcome and then opens up his golden voice.  Mike drop moment!  He reminds me of a prime Jonathan Davis of Korn or the more contemporary AJ Channer of Fire From The Gods.  The guy can sing his ass off!  I am in musical heaven as “Shade” brings the power and melody.  Harmonies still buzz around my brain frequently from this collection weeks after first hearing it.

Heart Of Jordan includes some lethal bangers, including the single “Deny” and the equally devastating “Eye“.  “Eye” is brilliant, with its flanged guitars recalling prime Police and early Eighties Rush.

Final Thoughts

Banger. Currently #1 for me for 2018. Tell your friends and family; Heart Of Jordan will be headlining Download in the next few years.

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