IMPERA – Pieces of Eden (Album Review)

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Impera - Pieces of Eden (Album Review)

**Although written by me, this review originally appeared on the Rock United website ( during my time as a writer with those fine folks. However, I present it here, with some slight edits and encourage readers to investigate Rock United‘s website as well**

IMPERA – Pieces of Eden (Bio)

Hailing from Sweden, Impera, as the creation of skin basher and namesake JK Impera, are set to unleash their second effort Pieces of Eden due out on October 18th, 2013. In starting his band about three years ago JK had originally entered into discussions with none other than John Corabi, who he had worked with previously, to handle the vocal requirements of his vision. With an ever conflicting schedule between the both of them, it never came to fruition. Having played with Thin Lizzy/Black Star RidersScott Gorham among others, Matti Alfonzetti stepped into the role. And quite nicely I might add from what I’ve heard.

JK recruited guitarist Tommy Denander for the ax-slinging. Have you ever heard of him? Well, me neither, but after some quick research, I discovered that he has played on over 2000 CDs! Literally playing with just about everyone in the genre including Paul Stanley, House Of Lords, Steve Vai, Alice Cooper, Yngwie Malmsteen, Jimmy Page and David Coverdale. So, while the name may not be familiar, you’ve surely heard his virtuoso previously. With Mats Vassfjord filling in the rhythm section on the bass guitar, Impera was born, expelling the first recording, Legacy of Life in October 2012.

IMPERA – Pieces of Eden (Album Review)

Pieces of Eden starts out with a bang, opening with “Beast Within” and following suit into “These Chains”, “All Alone” and “Smalltown Blues”. The extremely catchy, slower, bluesy flavored “Since You’ve Been Gone” sits in the middle of the album, breaking up the pace a bit. It seems that if I’d ever gotten around to fully listening to A World Without Heroes, the KISS tribute for cancer care CD put together by Mitch Lafon, my shock at the next track would have been lessened. Impera was a part of the album with their version of “Goodbye” from Paul Stanley’s 1978 solo album. It is included here as well, an unusual and obscure choice of KISS track for a cover.

Easy Come”, “You and I” and “This Is War” bring us to the album closer of “Fire and the Flame”. The track plods along having a Black Sabbath-esque feel to it.

Impera’s Pieces of Eden is not the greatest album that I’ve ever heard. However, a decently solid collection of melodic rockers. Good enough to entice me into purchasing their first effort, Legacy of Life. Which I eagerly check the mail for every day.

BUY: Pieces of Eden


**Originally written for and posted on (www.rockunited.comon September 23, 2013.**


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