IRON MASK – Diabolica (Oct 14, 2016)

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Iron MaskBelgian melodic power metal act IRON MASK is keeping it busy: after re-releasing their Shadow Of The Red Baron album and touring Europe with Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody in January 2016, the band didn’t waste any time and completed pre-production for their new album Diabolica right after. The following months were used for extensive recording and mixing sessions, as well as introducing new vocalist Diego Valdez (Helker). The result is Diabolica, IRON MASK‘s brand new (6th) studio album. Again all music and lyrics were written by guitarist Dushan Petrossi. This 77 minutes long behemoth of an album merges neoclassical-inspired metal with an epic approach reminding of DIO long tracks from the 80’s. Valdez proved to be the perfect choice for awakening the soul of these twelve outstanding compositions. IRON MASK are stronger than ever! (from Amazon)

Guitarist Dushan Petrossi formed Iron Mask in 2002, with the basis being the book Man In The Iron Mask by Alexander Dumas and the first album, called Revenge is My Namefollowed soon afterwards.  Hordes of the Brave dropped in 2005 and featured a near completely different line-up than the previous effort.  It took another 5 years for the third album, Shadow of the Red Baron, to materialise, but then we received Black As Death just a year later in 2011.  In 2013 they served up their fifth album, Fifth Son of Winterdoom, reviewed for Decibel Geek by The MeisterPetrossi is the sole member from the days of the Revenge Is My Name release.  He is joined by Vassili Moltchanov on bass, Ramy Ali behind the kit and of course the aforementioned Diego Valdez handling the vocal duties.

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DBG review of Fifth Son of Winterdoom album

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