JESUS CHRYSLER – Make Bold Statements… (Album Review)


jesus-chrysler-make-bold-statementsOne of the many ways that the Decibel Geek Podcast has enriched my life, other than laughter, is the discovery of new music and bands. I’d like to take a few words here to discuss and/or introduce you to a band. A member of this band was beyond kind enough to send me a sweet care package through the snail mail quite awhile back. It contained all 4 of their albums and a t-shirt! Very cool, but with my hectic schedule between work, worldwide rock festival trips and Decibel Geek website duties the CDs went into a stack and became buried under paperwork. It wasn’t until listening to Decibel Geek Podcast Episode #250 Radio Sucks Vol. 26 that I heard the song “O’ Devil Where Art Thou” by Minnesota-based band Jesus Chrysler. Huge apologies go out to the band for allowing their music to get swamped over. Even worse as the guitarist of the group is none other than Decibel Geek staff writer Jason “Bakko” Bakken.


When podcast hosts Aaron Camaro and Chris Czynzsak began to discuss and intro the song it hit me like a ton of bricks. My friend and fellow geek Bakko had been kind enough to send the material and I let him down by not listening to it. Making matters worse, the podcast showcased song was incredibly good. Exhibiting a funky, pumping bass line throughout the track, Bakko lends out his vox as well on this one as Jesus Chrysler question the whereabouts of the devil.

The album, Make Bold Statements…, came out in 2012 and leads out with “Rock n’ Roll Revival”. And it sure is! A really swinging hard rock composition that exudes an indescribable swagger to it. The high energy keeps rolling with the aforementioned “O’ Devil Where Art Thou”, a track that I can’t stop spinning. If you haven’t already heard it on the podcast episode, check out the video below.

jesus-chrysler-band-picThe Make Bold Statements… album continues on in fine fashion showcasing a total of 13 well-composed tracks. Featuring some tasty guitar solo work peppered throughout the “feel-good” tunes, even the slower tunes play well. The faster fare is my wheelhouse however with standouts being “Quit While You’re Ahead”, “Goddamn Handsome Man” and especially “Love is a Lie”.

I’m not at all surprised by some of the song titles on Make Bold Statements… knowing the humor of Mr. Bakko. We’re talking about a guy who often compares songs and albums to his raging boners while writing his Decibel Geek reviews. Song titles such as “Call Me a Liar (Just Don’t Call)“, “Apricots Tomorrow”, “Dashboard Jesus” and “I Heart Satan” seem a perfect fit.


An extremely enjoyable listen all around, Jesus Chrysler‘s Make Bold Statements… is a fine release. It is not the first effort from the Minnesota quartet, however, but in fact their fourth. The debut, Ride, was released in 2001 and is now cued up for an inaugural spin. Reported by, Jesus Chrysler worked with Kelly Keagy of Night Ranger for Ride. But I’ll have to verify that with Bakko. Also in the back catalog are Intake and Burn Out which together with Ride form a trilogy, all exhibiting the same cover art with different colors.

The band is alive and well with a new album, …Deny It All Later, on the way soon. And I for one am ready to purchase!

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