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Joyous Wolf Album Review Joyous Wolf Concert Review

Millennials are my nemesis. The All About Me Generation.  They are group of snowflakes I shake my GET OFF MY LAWN old man fist at quite often. Selfies.  Avocado toast. Coachella herpes.  Bluetooth soundbars vs. a real stereo. Man buns and neck beards. Lack of lust for guitars. However, sometimes there are exceptions to the rule. And with that, I bring you my Joyous Wolf concert review.

Meet Joyous Wolf. They just released their debut EP Place in Time and are on tour with Buckcherry.  Do not confuse these young men as Greta Van Wolf. Unlike Greta, their parents owned more than Houses of the Holy. The blueprint for this band is 1971. And they absolutely bring it live.

I had a chance to see them at Herman’s Hideaway in Denver and they commanded the stage with a presence usually only seen with rock veterans. They sounded fantastic, the mix was perfect (Orange Amps!) and they were smiling throughout their set. I am going to guess the combined age of the 4 members is 85.

About a year ago I became aware of Joyous Wolf when I saw them on the lineup of Northern Invasion, a 2 day rock fest in Wisconsin.  Prior to the fest, I checked out their single “Mountain Man,” which was the only thing they had released.  I loved this track and was looking forward to seeing them at Northern Invasion but unfortunately they played at noon and we did not get there in time. So when I saw that they were coming to Denver I made sure to go and was glad that I did.


The 7 track EP Place in Time is a solid debut. A mix of mid-tempo and straight up classic sounding rockers.  The title track is a standout and other gateway drugs include “Mother Rebel” and the lead off track “Had Enough. But don’t cherry pick, just buy the damn thing for 5 bucks. Oddly, “Mountain Man” is not on that EP and has vanished from all streaming platforms and iTunes.  Plus, they didn’t play it live.  It is still my favorite song by them and super strange that it is gone.  Rights issue? Who knows. Luckily I bought it when it was available.

See Joyous Wolf on tour, buy their EP Place in Time and support Millennials who don’t worship EDM.

Note:  My camera had an issue at the show and my pictures are garbage.  These are the best ones I have.  Sorry about that.

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