KILLER BEE – Killing You Softly – (Album Review)

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Killer Bee Killing You Softly

I remember a few years back Rich “The Meister” Dillon had conducted a Decibel Geek interview with a band called Killer Bee. As is sometimes the case, stuff gets lost in the shuffle. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago and it turns out these Bee‘s are set to infest again in 2016. Not only did The Meister post the new video, an excellent cover of Ten Years After‘s “I’d Love To Change The World” but another friend of mine also recommended that I check out their new album.

Thoroughly enjoying the Ten Years After cover, I finally took some time to sit down with some headphones and Killer Bee‘s latest album Killing You Softly. Turns out this album is somewhat of a greatest hits compilation, pulling song selections from their entire catalogue. As an uninitiated member to the colony, I couldn’t think of a better way to jump into the hive.

After the 14 song journey that makes up Killing You Softly, I removed my headphones and fired up my computer. First to apologise to The Meister for letting this great band slip past me after his recommendation, and second to capture my thoughts on this album.

The album delivers an epic feast of lush, rich, melodic and incredibly well-written songs. Killer Bee wear their influences proudly, I could hear the Deep Purple, I could hear the Rainbow, I could certainly hear Ten Years After. The production sound harkens back to those 70’s recordings, a warmth that almost feels like it was captured analogue.

Killer Bee - FrankKiller Bee feels old school and that is extremely high praise. Just listen to Everything Everytime” or the lush piano/vocal intro of “I Believe” to get a feel for what I am referring to. It sounds like you are in the room as they were recorded.

The “Deep Purple-ish” organ intro leads into my personal favourite track on the album, “Hey Hey”. The rich vocals of Brian “Bee” Frank lead me to believe that he attended the vocal school of Ian Gillan. Guitarist, Anders “LA” Rönnblom provides the incredible six string sting for this band of Swedish-Canadian rock and rollers. It’s a perfect blend of Euro-classical metal with North American classic rock sensibility.

I highly suggest a trip to the Killer Bee hive!

In 2015 Killer Bee made a stop in Toronto as a part of the Armed Alliance Tour supporting BulletBoys. Decibel Geek Photographer Brian Ronald was on hand for these captures of the event showcased in the gallery below. Also, check out The Meister‘s 2013 interview with Anders “LA” RonnblomStung By a Killer Bee-A Chat with Anders LA Ronnblom

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