KOBRA PAIGE of KOBRA AND THE LOTUS Talks Writing Process, Touring and More (Interview)

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Kobra and the LotusI’ve been a rock n’ roll fan my entire life, and a guitarist for half of that, so getting the opportunity to do my first-ever interview with a musician was extremely exciting for me, and also nerve wracking! But not to worry – my first interview was conducted with a very sincere and down-to-earth rocker – Kobra Paige of Canadian metal band Kobra and The Lotus. It was very interesting to get to talk to Kobra just before the release of part 1 of the band’s newest album (Prevail I, due out on May 12th), and the corresponding North American tour with Xandria and Once Human.

In this 26-minute audio interview, Kobra discusses the writing process for the upcoming album Prevail, tour experiences with Delain and more, and how the band’s sound has evolved since their first album. You’ll also hear Kobra discuss some of the struggles she’s faced as a female metal musician, as well as how she dealt with haters and bullying as a budding young artist. Kobra also shares her advice for musicians trying to make their mark in music and reflects on what she has learned from her many collaborations with other musicians in the industry.

Xandria Kobra and the Lotus Once Human TourKobra and The Lotus begin their North American tour with Xandria and Once Human in New York on May 9th, in support of their album Prevail (to be released in two parts as Prevail I & II). Said Kobra of the upcoming tour “I am so excited for this tour. I think it’s such a diverse bill. I’ve heard really great things about both bands……and I think it’s so cool that we’re going on the road together. I think it’s gonna be one of those shows that is great from start to finish! We’re gonna play a lot of new songs. I am super stoked!”

Decibel Geek and Rachel Leigh sincerely thank Kobra Paige for taking the time to speak with us and for sharing her insightful thoughts and experiences with our listeners! We also extend our thanks to Napalm Records and Freeman Promotions for providing us with the opportunity to speak with Kobra. Make sure to catch Kobra and The Lotus with Xandria and Once Human on their North American tour when they come through your city!


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